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Play Popsicle Math

Here's a hands-on activity that first grade use to help kids get a feel for equations. It uses popsicle sticks to practice addition and subtraction!

Historical Heroes: Thomas Edison

Edison was one of the most productive inventors, inventing the telephone, the light bulb, and of course, the motion picture.

Christmas Maze

Get your child into the holiday spirit with this fun Christmas maze! Can your child find a way through the tree to the top of the star?

Christmas Shapes

Christmas shapes practice is fun and festive for your little learner. Use this Christmas shapes worksheet to go on a shape hunt with your child.

Measuring Water

Help your first grader explore the world of scientific measurement by "weighing" fruit with a "water scale"!

Solids, Liquids, Maple Syrup!

Teach your first grade scientist the difference between liquids and solids using maple syrup.

Play with Pulleys

How do people move pianos and heavy furniture into tall buildings? Show your kids some pulley potential with this simple household exercise!

Make Window Constellations

Help your first grader explore the magical world of constellations by creating these special star charts from the night sky.

Sinking Ships for Science

Explore the scientific concept of capacity by seeing how many pennies you boat can hold before it sinks!

Table of Contents

Help your little bookworm get to know the layout of a table of contents! She'll deconstruct this sample table of contents by answering the questions.

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