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Valentine Math

Celebrate Valentine's Day and practice math at the same time with this first grade addition worksheet. Use the kisses to help you solve the problems.

Valentine's Day Math Facts #4

Solve math problems, and eat chocolate, in a Valentine's Day mental math worksheet. Kids will find solutions to math problems, and color chocolates by number.

Color the Heart-shaped Balloons as They Climb

This cheerful Valentine's Day coloring page features heart shaped balloons up high in the sky.

Valentine's Day Number Fun #14

This tricky number ordering worksheet is perfect for your child on Valentine's Day. Kids will arrange numbers from greatest to least.

Valentine's Day Number Fun #2

Some of your friends' Valentine's Day notes need to be delivered! Have your first grader practice sequencing numbers with this worksheet.

Valentine's Day Math Facts #7

Get your child to work his mental math skills this Valentine's Day with this chocolate-filled worksheet.

Valentine Math: Odd Numbers

Cupid needs help with his numbers! Invite your child to fill in the missing odd numbers to help Cupid find his way to his heart.

Valentine's Day Math Facts #3

Treat your little sweetheart to a fun math activity this Valentine's Day. He'll get to do some coloring as he reviews math facts.

Valentine's Day Math Facts #6

Do some mental math with your young valentine in this combination math and color-by-number worksheet. Kids will solve simple addition and subtraction problems.

Valentine's Day Number Fun #17

Can your first grader do some counting to help deliver these Valentine notes? Help him practice sequencing numbers with this challenging sheet.

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