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X Marks the Spot! What's Inside the Box?

Help your preschooler master his letter writing skills with this X-hilarating worksheet!

Resource: Paper

Use this worksheet to teach your child about one of Earth's natural resources -- paper.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Help your preschooler understand the definitions of yesterday, today and tomorrow on this drawing worksheet.

Pennsylvania Liberty Bell

The Pennsylvania Liberty Bell has been through a lot, but it was never owned by a famous fast-food chain...that's an urban legend!

National Symbols: The Declaration of Independence

Help your child learn more about her American heritage with these coloring pages that are chock-full of history featuring the Declaration of Independence.

U.S. Flag Coloring Page

This simple color-by-number page teaches kids to recognize the United States flag.

Learn About Transportation

This worksheet challenges kindergarteners to match each person with his method of transportation.

Things that Use Electricity

Use this worksheet to help teach your preschooler what everyday things use electricity to function.

Resource: Plants

Help your preschooler become more aware of his environment with this plant resource worksheet.

Resource: Water

Water isn't just for drinking! What else do we use water for? Kids practice their reasoning skills as they fill out this social studies worksheet.

What is a Service Job?

What is a service job? This worksheet helps your preschooler think critically about the different jobs people have and what they do in those jobs.

Wants vs. Needs

Kids may think they need candy and video games, but parents know better. Help your child learn the difference between a want and a need with this worksheet.

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