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Number Maze: Help the Mouse!

Kids draw a path from the mouse to the clock by counting and tracing numbers from 1 to 10 on this kindergarten math worksheet.

In a Jam: Practicing Counting

This worksheet is all about counting. Your kindergartener will have to look at the picture and count the different number of cars in the gridlock.

Count to Five: Help the Grocer!

This worksheet will help your child count to five. He will need to count the fruit in each box, and then write down the amount in the blanks provided.

Telling Time with Melissa Mouse 5

Melissa Mouse needs a hand (or six!) with her clocks. Help Melissa draw in the clock hands to indicate the times listed for these analog clock faces.

Tracing Numbers & Counting: 3

On this kindergarten math worksheet, kids trace the number 3, then write their own. Then they count the sheep they see in the picture and make a graph.

Christmas Sudoku

Christmas sudoku lets your child exercise his brain while cutting a pasting festive holiday images. Play Christmas sudoku with your child this holiday season.

Arranging Numbers: Bees

This activity is perfect for beginning counters. Your child will get to practice tracing numbers and placing them in the right order.

Picture Graph: Sorting Coins

This piggy bank has so many coins! Kids completing this kindergarten math worksheet cut out the coins, sort them, and paste them into a picture graph.

The Froggie Math Game

Kids' creative juices will flow when they hand-make The Froggie Game, but the variations on game play allow them to think outside the pond as well.

Coloring 18: It's Raining, It's Pouring

It's raining! It's pouring! (But we don't hear any snoring!) For this kindergarten math worksheet, kids color and count the raindrops with the number 18.

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