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Times Tables: 4s

How well does your child know her times tables? Get some practice multiplying by fours with this times tables practice sheet.

Times Tables: 5s

See how well your child knows her times tables, and give her some practice multiplying by fives with this times tables practice sheet.

Times Tables: 3s

Give your student some practice multiplying by threes with this times tables practice sheet.

Numerator and Denominator: Basic Fraction Terms

Kids learn the meaning of numerator and denominator in this fraction terms worksheet.

Introduction to Fractions

Help your third grader tackle fractions with this worksheet that asks him to write the fraction that matches the shaded part of each shape.

Fraction Basics

Help your third grader understand fraction basics by writing the fraction that goes with each shaded shape.

Fun Fractions

Each shape on this third grade math worksheet is divided into equal parts, and some of the parts are shaded. Kids identify and write the fraction represented.

Find the Fraction

Need fraction practice? This worksheet is sure to fit the bill. Kids flex their fraction know-how as they write fractions to describe each group of objects.

Shapes and Fractions

Revisit geometry and fraction concepts with this mini quiz that covers everything from congruent shapes and perimeter to symmetry and fractions.

Constellation Chart

Create your very own constellation chart with this cut-out template, perfect for stargazing on a clear night!

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