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Wicked Math

These aren't your average ratio problems! Compare jack o'lanterns to pumpkins and bats to ravens in this spooky Halloween-themed math worksheet.

Halloween Numbers: Witch Hats

It's the witching hour! Ask your child to wear her witch hat and do some magic to fill in the missing numbers in the right order.

Halloween Numbers: Candy!

Trick or Treat! This worksheet is a fun way to get your child some number and counting practice in a sweet way.

Halloween Numbers: Bats

Bats around this haunted tree and need help with missing numbers between 70 and 76!

Adding Halloween Adjectives

Get into the spirit of Halloween with a ghoulish grammar worksheet! Your child will help make these spooky sentences even more scary by adding adjectives.

Find the Halloween Adjective

Ghostly grammar students, practice identifying adjectives with this spooky sheet! Your child will circle the adjective in each sentence.

Identifying Adjectives: Halloween

Here's a ghoulish grammar sheet to help your child practice identifying adjectives! She'll need to find the adjectives in each sentence.

Practice Using Commas

Halloween is here! Inspire your child to practice using commas accurately with a punctuation worksheet that has a spooky twist.

Using "A" or "An"

This spooky worksheet is sure to make any fourth grader have fun with ghoulish grammar practice! Your child will practice using the articles "a" or "an".

Quotation Punctuation

Keep learning in the cards this Halloween. This spooky worksheet on quotations is sure to make any fourth grader have fun while learning!

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