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Schoolyard Multiplication

Multiplication facts are a necessary skill, and this board game provides a fun way for your third grader to practice them!

Nonet Poem

A nonet is a 9-line poem. Like haiku, each line has a specific number of syllables, starting with nine in the first line and ending with only one in the last.

Onomatopoeia Words

Ooh, onomatopoeia! This is a word that mimics a sound: like the "slurp" of spaghetti, a dog's "woof", or comic book sounds like "crash", "bam" and "bang".

Limerick Rhyme Scheme

Got time to rhyme? Check out this fun rhyme scheme worksheet with two laughable limericks.


Learn all about the practice of personification in writing, then try it your hand at it by bringing life to some silly characters in this writing worksheet.

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