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Pre-K Addition

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Easy Addition

Give your child an introduction to addition with help from this easy addition worksheet. She'll draw more of each item, then count them up to find the total.

Color & Add

This cute kindergarten math worksheet throws in a coloring activity to make addition a little less scary and a lot more fun!

Preschool Addition #17

This preschool addition worksheet is perfect kids who have mastered counting and are ready for a simple introduction to addition.

Preschool Addition #10

Learn simple addition with watermelons. This simple addition worksheet for preschoolers is perfect for introducing your young scholar to the subject.

Preschool Addition #11

Preschooler students who have mastered counting can move on to simple addition. This addition worksheet is perfect for the new mathematician.

Preschool Addition #12

If your preschooler is an expert counter, he may be ready for addition. Help him continue his mathematical education with this simple addition worksheet.

Preschool Addition #20

Give your preschooler a head start on addition with these simple equations. This worksheet can also be cut to make flashcards for your child.

How Many Are There? Treats

This worksheet is a fun way to help preschoolers work on counting and ease into addition. This one has a food theme. How many yummy treats are there?

Preschool Addition #3

Help your preschooler get ahead in his math studies with this simple addition worksheet. He'll solve single digit problems that strengthen early math skills.

How Many Are There? Balloons

A counting worksheet for preschoolers, featuring pictures of balloons.

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