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Year of the Snake

Learn all about the Year of the Snake. Not just a list of facts, this Chinese Zodiac printable can be turned into a coloring page, puppet, or even a placemat.

Word Pyramid

Make words from jumbled up letters. As long as the letters are somehow connected in this triangle pattern.

Letter to Future Self

Where will you be in ten years? Give your child a fun time capsule exercise with this journal prompt.

Identifying Adverbs

An adverb describes a verb. It tells where, when or how the verb happens. Can you recognize adverbs? They don't all end in "-ly"!

Snake Sudoku

On this second grade math worksheet, kids use their logical reasoning and critical thinking skills to solve a Sudoku number puzzle.

Number Superstitions

Read up on the various number superstitions around the world and why certain numbers are so lucky or unlucky for certain cultures!

New Year Superstitions

Celebrating the New Year is all about tradition, and it's different in every culture! Many common traditions are actually based on superstition.

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