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Halloween 5th Grade

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Werewolf Story Writing

Polish your werewolf story writing this All Hallows Eve. Do some werewolf story writing in this Halloween worksheet.

Find the Probability

Learning how to find probabilities can help you a lot with real world situations, like knowing the probability of getting a lollipop Halloween candy bag!

Practicing Decimals and Percents

Help this spooky mummy add decimal numbers and covert the answers to percents. When you and the mummy finish, the answers will reveal a secret Halloween word!

Halloween Timeline

Henry went trick-or-treating all over the neighborhood Halloween night. Can you help him figure out his timeline?

Spider Web Angles

Simon the spider needs a smart mathematician. His webs are forming all sorts of angles, but he can't figure out which angles are 90 degrees and which aren't.

Halloween Patterns

Are you up for a Halloween math challenge? Take a stab at these spooky math problems as you try to complete the number pattern.

Crystal Ball Decimal Practice

Look closely into the crystal ball to add up the decimals and convert them into percents. If your math skills line up, the answers will reveal a secret word!

Witch Multiplication

Figure out the spooky location for this year's annual witch gathering! All you need to do is calculate the answers to these tricky multiplication problems.

How Much Time Has Passed?

Marla the ghost is traveling through the cemetery, and she might be there for a while. Help her keep track of the time as she passes from grave to grave.

How Many Days Have Passed?

How many days have gone by? Do you know what "the next day" or "a week later" means? Help Luis figure out what day he put a skeleton in front of his house.

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