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KenKen: Sports Car

This KenKen® puzzle will require your student to put his math and logic skills to the test!

Prom Queen KenKen® Puzzle

This difficult KenKen® math puzzle will challenge your students to use mathematical operations and logical thinking skills.

Pajama Party KenKen® Puzzle

Help your students improve their mathematical ability and logical thinking skills by playing this fun KenKen® puzzle!

Snowmobile KenKen® Puzzle

This difficult KenKen® puzzle is ready for your students to master! All they'll need are good computation skills and a fair amount of logic.

Ski Boat KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen® puzzle will challenge your students to use different math operations and logic in order to find a solution.

Jet Ski KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen®, a math logic puzzle from Japan, uses addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division!

Jewelry Box KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen® puzzle is guaranteed to get your students using math and logic in a way they never have before.

Moped KenKen® Puzzle

Challenge your students to decode this KenKen® grid. They'll need all of their logic powers and a good understanding of mathematical operations.

Motor Bike KenKen® Puzzle

Engage your students' logic and critical thinking skills as they complete this KenKen® math puzzle.

KenKen Printable: Sweet Sixteen

Your math students will need every ounce of their logic to solve this KenKen printable!

Solve Toothpick Puzzles!

Check out these fun toothpick puzzles that are easy to set up and will give your kid an opportunity to practice all-important spatial reasoning skills.

Stacking Dice Puzzles

Work on critical thinking skills using dice to complete this worksheet, which focuses on algebraic patterns.

Frog KenKen® Puzzle

Check out the challenging logic puzzle known as KenKen® with your math students!

Kitten KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen® level 7 puzzle can be a bit of a challenge, and we know it will help your students develop better logical thinking and math skills!

Robot KenKen® Puzzle

This little puzzle is a great way to get your students started on KenKen®, a fun math logic game that comes from Japan.

Ken Ken Puzzle: Witch

If your students are loving KenKen® logic puzzles and are looking for a challenge, this might be the game for them!

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