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Animals of the Great Plains

Coloring pages for the animals of the Great Plains region
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Buffalo Facts

Whether you say buffalo or bison, it is still the largest land mammal in North America. Discover a bit more about this majestic animal.

Buffalo Coloring Page

This mighty mama buffalo and her calf need some colors! Talk with your child about the buffalo as she colors this illustration.

Jackrabbit Coloring Page

Say hello to the Antelope Jackrabbit of the plains. This speedy rabbit needs some colors, so get out those crayons and give him a colorful coat.

Prairie Dog Coloring Page

Introduce your child to some animals of the great plains of the U.S. with an adorable prairie dog coloring page!

Coyote Coloring Page

Get together with your little animal lover and color the coyote of the great plains! Talk with her a bit about this animal as she colors.

Rattlesnake Coloring Page

Meet the Western Diamondback rattlesnake! Teach your child a bit about the rattlesnake as she colors this slithery picture.

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