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Asia Coloring Page

Introduce your kid to the largest continent with this Asia coloring page. You can also give a quick science quiz by asking him to name the featured animals.

Australia Coloring Page

Color this Australia coloring page! Australia is more than just a continent, it's also a country and home to a unique culture and a range of wildlife.

Africa Coloring Page

The continent of Africa is known for its amazing wildlife. Your budding explorer can bring the continent and the animals to life with this Africa coloring page.

Revolutionary War Coloring Page

If your child is reviewing America's history, start at the very beginning with this revolutionary war coloring page.

Europe Coloring Page

Help your child discover the continent of Europe with this coloring page. Discuss the history and wildlife of this important area with your them as you color!

South America Coloring Page

Get started on geography and have your child color this page and learn about this amazing continent and its animals.

North America Coloring Page

Get started on geography with this pretty coloring page that shows off native North American wildlife, too!

Women in History: Eleanor of Aquitaine

If your kid is crazy for castles and knights, have her read Eleanor's biography in this worksheet. Enhance her reading skills with a short comprehension quiz.

Women in History: Wu Zetian

Empress Wu Zetian ruled China when the western world was in the Dark Ages. This 2nd grade worksheet that balances history with reading comprehension skills.

Women in History: Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson was a singer whose talent and grace broke down many racial barriers in the mid-20th century. History students can read her biography.

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