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Cougar Coloring Page

Did you know cougars are also known as pumas or mountain lions? You and your little cub will enjoy coloring this cougar and her two curious babes.

Animals of the Pacific Northwest: Bald Eagle

Learn about our national bird with a fun coloring page! Get together with your child to color this majestic bird.

Manatee Facts

Ancient mariners mistook the manatee for a mermaid! Your young biologist won't make the same mistake after learning about the manatee with this worksheet.

California Condor Facts

The California condor has been brought back from the brink of extinction. This worksheet will help your little bird lover learn all about the condor.

Grizzly Bear Facts

The grizzly bear once roamed across most of North America; now its habitat has shrunk to the northwest. Discover more about the grizzly with this worksheet.

Horned Lizard Facts

The horned lizard has a scary exterior but a gentle personality. Your little student can learn about this North American lizard with this worksheet.

American Revolution: The Philadelphia Campaign

The Philadelphia Campaign was a year of battles with the Americans at Valley Forge. Students will hone reading skills and learn about the American Revolution.

The Battle of Fort Ticonderoga

Early in the American Revolution, the Patriots captured Fort Ticonderoga. Your young historian will learn the importance of this fort in this worksheet.

The Battle of Trenton

The Battle of Trenton was a turning point for the Americans in the Revolutionary War. Your young historian will learn the facts with this worksheet.

The Battle of Guilford Court House

While the Americans lost the Battle of Guilford Court House, the aftermath led to the American victory at Yorktown. Learn more with this history worksheet.

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