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How to Draw a Dog

Everything is easier when broken down into easy steps. This drawing worksheet instructs your budding artist on how to draw with simple shapes.

How to Draw an Owl

Whooooo said it wasn't easy to draw? This worksheet teaches your young illustrator to draw an owl using simple geometric shapes.

How to Draw a Cat

Meow if your little one likes to draw! This worksheet teaches your child how to draw a cat using simple geometric shapes.

How to Draw a Clown

There's no clowning around in drawing, except on this worksheet! Your little Rembrandt can learn to draw a funny clown in simple steps.

How to Draw a Butterfly

There's a beautiful butterfly to behold when your budding artist learns to draw. This worksheet teaches that basic shapes can make drawing simple.

Women in History: Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria ruled the British Empire for 63 important years. Students can read about Victoria's life in this history worksheet.

Elizabeth I of England

Queen Elizabeth I gave her name to an era. Your young student can read about Elizabeth's life in this biography worksheet.

Women in History: Dolley Madison

Learn about first Lady Dolley Madison with this history worksheet, complete with some reading comprehension exercises.

Women in History: Queen Isabella

Did you know that Queen Isabella of Spain paid for Columbus' expedition to the New World? Read more about this interesting woman in history.

Women in History: Pocahontas

Pocahontas was a heroine to the settlers of Jamestown, Virginia. Read more about her with this history worksheet.

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