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Women in History: Cleopatra

Cleopatra ruled Egypt and conquered the hearts of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Read a mini-biography on this remarkable woman in history.

Women in History: Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley was the superstar of the wild west! Learn more about this Ohio sharpshooter with this worksheet on famous women in history.

Women in History: Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots, was a fascinating woman in history. Learn a bit more about her life with this history worksheet.

Grammar Review: Nouns

How well does your student know his parts of speech? Give him a great review of nouns with this comprehensive sheet.

Painted Turtle Coloring Page

Got a love for aquatic animals? Your little artist will have a great time coloring these painted turtles in all of their splendid reds and golds!

Sea Lions Coloring Page

These playful sea lions are just waiting for an ocean of cool colors to frolic in. Take a dip in the deep blue with this adorable coloring page.

White-Tailed Deer Coloring Page

Get in touch with nature using this scenic coloring page. Let your little one color these deer as they dash through the woodlands and streams.

Bobcats Coloring Page

Your first grader will love to color this bobcat mama carrying her kitten to safety through the forest.

Kit Fox Coloring Page

These little foxes have the biggest ears and eyes! Give him and his forest home some beautiful colors to look at.

Chipmunk Coloring Page

Have fun coloring this hungry little chipmunk. But be sure to hurry, they don't stay put for very long!

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