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Cardinal Coloring Page

Any budding bird-watcher will love adding some brilliant reds and oranges to these cardinals and the berry bushes they live in!

Badger Coloring Page

Badgers dig for a living... and they live to dig! Little animal lovers will enjoy giving this adorable badger and his ladybug friend some bright colors.

Mountain Goat Coloring Page

This mountain goat from the Pacific Northwest needs some color to brighten his day! You and you little artist can bring this nature scene to life.

Sea Otter Coloring Page

Down at the bottom of the deep blue sea, an otter plucks off a bright purple urchin for a snack! Give this underwater scene some bright colors.

California Condor Coloring Page

The California Condor is the largest bird in the west! It is also one of the most endangered birds in the world. Color a condor with your little bird-watcher.

Snowshoe Hare Coloring Page

Those are some big ears AND feet! These little bunnies need them both to survive in their snowy home.

Moose Coloring Page

A mighty moose is pausing for a drink in the stream. Help give this nature scene some pretty colors.

Beaver Coloring Page

The beaver of the pacific northwest is always hard at work! Color this busy little guy and the woods he lives in.

Buffalo Coloring Page

This mighty mama buffalo and her calf need some colors! Talk with your child about the buffalo as she colors this illustration.

Silverback Gorilla Coloring Page

This silverback gorilla is traveling through the trees in this coloring page. You and your little one can bring him to life by coloring him and his jungle home!

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