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Writing Prompt: Cursed Treasure

How hard could it be to get rid of a cursed treasure chest? Your fifth grader will enjoy making up a story to go along with this illustration!

Picture Writing Prompt: Sea Monster

A day of fishing is interrupted by a giant sea monster! What happens next? This writing prompt will help your student stretch his imagination.

Opossum Coloring Page

These adorable opossums need some colors! Get together with your little one and color this mother opposum as she gives her babies a ride through the treetops.

Alligator Coloring Page

This alligator lives happily in his marshy, lily-pad neighborhood alongside his wetland friends! Give this group some bright colors.

Silverback Gorilla Facts

The silverback gorilla is a special animal. This magnificent male is part of an endangered species. Complete this sheet to learn all about this gentle giant.

Bighorn Sheep Coloring Page

This animal is one of the most majestic and impressive in the Rocky Mountains. Give this bighorn sheep some colors he'll be proud to wear.

Wolf Coloring Page

The wolf is one of the top predators in the Rocky Mountains. Color him shades of grey, black, and white to help him blend into the snowy forests.

Jackrabbit Coloring Page

Say hello to the Antelope Jackrabbit of the plains. This speedy rabbit needs some colors, so get out those crayons and give him a colorful coat.

"X" Adjectives

"X" marks the spot for the "X" adjectives! While not many words start with "X," there are lots that start with the "X" sound.

"I" Adjectives

"I" adjectives give us imaginary, industrious and intelligent! Your little writer will learn an incredible amount of descriptive words starting with "I".

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