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The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

Can a frog really swallow quail shot? Explore exaggeration with this reading exercise on Mark Twain's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."

Soldier Coloring Page

Pay tribute to our enlisted men and women by coloring this soldier coloring page.

Easter Goodies Game

Challenge your little math whiz to a game of strategy and logic. In this Easter-themed game, try to outsmart your opponent and claim the most boxes.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps swam his way to success, as your young student will find out in this biography worksheet on one of the greatest swimmers in the world.

Famous Olympic Athletes: Mary Lou Retton

Mary Lou Retton tumbled into America's heart in the 1988 Olympics. Read about her Olympic victories in this worksheet, then complete a short reading exercise.

Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens' successes in the 1938 Olympics made history and paved the way for African-Americans in sports and other fields.

Jim Thorpe

Have your student read up on Jim Thorpe, an Olympian who is considered one of the greatest athletes of all time, and boost his reading skills at the same time.

Florence Griffith-Joyner

If your child has energy to spare, give her this inspirational worksheet about the famous "Flo-Jo" and develop her comprehension skills with an exercise.

Antarctica Coloring Page

Believe it or not, the frozen continent of Antarctica is home to rich and varied wildlife. How many arctic animals can you child name?

American Soldiers Coloring Page: World War I

World War I was an important turning point in world history. Pay tribute to American soldiers that fought in the war by decorating this soldier coloring page.

Asia Coloring Page

Introduce your kid to the largest continent with this Asia coloring page. You can also give a quick science quiz by asking him to name the featured animals.

Australia Coloring Page

Color this Australia coloring page! Australia is more than just a continent, it's also a country and home to a unique culture and a range of wildlife.

Africa Coloring Page

The continent of Africa is known for its amazing wildlife. Your budding explorer can bring the continent and the animals to life with this Africa coloring page.

Revolutionary War Coloring Page

If your child is reviewing America's history, start at the very beginning with this revolutionary war coloring page.

Europe Coloring Page

Help your child discover the continent of Europe with this coloring page. Discuss the history and wildlife of this important area with your them as you color!

South America Coloring Page

Get started on geography and have your child color this page and learn about this amazing continent and its animals.

North America Coloring Page

Get started on geography with this pretty coloring page that shows off native North American wildlife, too!

Women in History: Eleanor of Aquitaine

If your kid is crazy for castles and knights, have her read Eleanor's biography in this worksheet. Enhance her reading skills with a short comprehension quiz.

Women in History: Wu Zetian

Empress Wu Zetian ruled China when the western world was in the Dark Ages. This 2nd grade worksheet that balances history with reading comprehension skills.

Women in History: Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson was a singer whose talent and grace broke down many racial barriers in the mid-20th century. History students can read her biography.

Women in History: Sacagawea

Explore history with famous female navigator Sacagawea. Sacagawea was a Native American woman who helped Lewis and Clark find their way across the west.

Women in History: Eleanor Roosevelt

History students can learn all the first modern first lady in this biography worksheet, and can develop their reading comprehension skills as well.

Easter Color By Number Page

This bouncing bunny is spreading Easter eggs across the countryside, and your child can add some color to this page by exercising her number recognition skills.

Butterfly Color By Number

Looks like the artist of this worksheet never finished! It's up to your child to add the rest of the colors, using the numbers along the bottom as a guide.

Women in History: Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a great scientist, and the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize. Learn about this brilliant woman with this history worksheet.

Florence Nightingale Biography

Florence Nightingale revolutionized nursing. Your little historian can learn about Florence's life in this biography worksheet.

Mother's Day Color by Number

Your little artist can make a perfect picture for a special person with this color by number page! While she's coloring, she'll also be practicing numbering.

World War II Coloring Page

Pay tribute to our country's veterans and active armed forces with a coloring page featuring a heroic soldier of World War II.

Parrot Color by Number

Coloring is as easy as 1-2-3 with this color by number page! Your young artist can practice her number skills as she colors this pretty parrot.

Civil War Coloring Page

Take a historic trip back to the civil war period and color the soldiers from the two opposing forces.

Cougar Coloring Page

Did you know cougars are also known as pumas or mountain lions? You and your little cub will enjoy coloring this cougar and her two curious babes.

Animals of the Pacific Northwest: Bald Eagle

Learn about our national bird with a fun coloring page! Get together with your child to color this majestic bird.

Manatee Facts

Ancient mariners mistook the manatee for a mermaid! Your young biologist won't make the same mistake after learning about the manatee with this worksheet.

California Condor Facts

The California condor has been brought back from the brink of extinction. This worksheet will help your little bird lover learn all about the condor.

Grizzly Bear Facts

The grizzly bear once roamed across most of North America; now its habitat has shrunk to the northwest. Discover more about the grizzly with this worksheet.

Horned Lizard Facts

The horned lizard has a scary exterior but a gentle personality. Your little student can learn about this North American lizard with this worksheet.

American Revolution: The Philadelphia Campaign

The Philadelphia Campaign was a year of battles with the Americans at Valley Forge. Students will hone reading skills and learn about the American Revolution.

The Battle of Fort Ticonderoga

Early in the American Revolution, the Patriots captured Fort Ticonderoga. Your young historian will learn the importance of this fort in this worksheet.

The Battle of Trenton

The Battle of Trenton was a turning point for the Americans in the Revolutionary War. Your young historian will learn the facts with this worksheet.

The Battle of Guilford Court House

While the Americans lost the Battle of Guilford Court House, the aftermath led to the American victory at Yorktown. Learn more with this history worksheet.

The Battle of Camden

The Battle of Camden was a low point for the American forces in the Revolutionary War. Discover the errors made at the battle in this worksheet.

Buffalo Facts

Whether you say buffalo or bison, it is still the largest land mammal in North America. Discover a bit more about this majestic animal.

Amelia Earhart Biography

Learn more about this fascinating woman in history who became the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic.

The Battle of San Jacinto

The Battle of San Jacinto was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. Your child will sharpen his reading skills and his knowledge of U.S. history!

Easter Egg Color by Number

Your little artist will know eggs-actly what color goes where in this color by number page!

Park Swing Coloring Page

What could be more fun than a day at the park with your tot? Take the crayons and this coloring page to the park and color it with your preschooler.

Happy Mother's Day Coloring Page

Wish mom a happy Mother's Day with a fun coloring page. This cheery little daisy is sure to put a smile on mom's face.

Mother Bunny Coloring Page

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, and your kindergartener will have fun coloring this mother bunny and her little ones!

Happy Mother's Day!

Make mom's special day extra-colorful with this coloring page greeting! Help your child decorate this page with her favorite colors.

Mother's Day Coloring Page

What better way to celebrate mom on her special day? Share some breakfast in bed with your kids on Mother's Day.

How to Draw a Dog

Everything is easier when broken down into easy steps. This drawing worksheet instructs your budding artist on how to draw with simple shapes.

How to Draw an Owl

Whooooo said it wasn't easy to draw? This worksheet teaches your young illustrator to draw an owl using simple geometric shapes.

How to Draw a Cat

Meow if your little one likes to draw! This worksheet teaches your child how to draw a cat using simple geometric shapes.

How to Draw a Clown

There's no clowning around in drawing, except on this worksheet! Your little Rembrandt can learn to draw a funny clown in simple steps.

How to Draw a Butterfly

There's a beautiful butterfly to behold when your budding artist learns to draw. This worksheet teaches that basic shapes can make drawing simple.

Women in History: Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria ruled the British Empire for 63 important years. Students can read about Victoria's life in this history worksheet.

Elizabeth I of England

Queen Elizabeth I gave her name to an era. Your young student can read about Elizabeth's life in this biography worksheet.

Women in History: Dolley Madison

Learn about first Lady Dolley Madison with this history worksheet, complete with some reading comprehension exercises.

Women in History: Queen Isabella

Did you know that Queen Isabella of Spain paid for Columbus' expedition to the New World? Read more about this interesting woman in history.

Women in History: Pocahontas

Pocahontas was a heroine to the settlers of Jamestown, Virginia. Read more about her with this history worksheet.

Women in History: Cleopatra

Cleopatra ruled Egypt and conquered the hearts of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Read a mini-biography on this remarkable woman in history.

Women in History: Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley was the superstar of the wild west! Learn more about this Ohio sharpshooter with this worksheet on famous women in history.

Women in History: Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots, was a fascinating woman in history. Learn a bit more about her life with this history worksheet.

Grammar Review: Nouns

How well does your student know his parts of speech? Give him a great review of nouns with this comprehensive sheet.

Painted Turtle Coloring Page

Got a love for aquatic animals? Your little artist will have a great time coloring these painted turtles in all of their splendid reds and golds!

Sea Lions Coloring Page

These playful sea lions are just waiting for an ocean of cool colors to frolic in. Take a dip in the deep blue with this adorable coloring page.

White-Tailed Deer Coloring Page

Get in touch with nature using this scenic coloring page. Let your little one color these deer as they dash through the woodlands and streams.

Bobcats Coloring Page

Your first grader will love to color this bobcat mama carrying her kitten to safety through the forest.

Kit Fox Coloring Page

These little foxes have the biggest ears and eyes! Give him and his forest home some beautiful colors to look at.

Chipmunk Coloring Page

Have fun coloring this hungry little chipmunk. But be sure to hurry, they don't stay put for very long!

Cardinal Coloring Page

Any budding bird-watcher will love adding some brilliant reds and oranges to these cardinals and the berry bushes they live in!

Badger Coloring Page

Badgers dig for a living... and they live to dig! Little animal lovers will enjoy giving this adorable badger and his ladybug friend some bright colors.

Mountain Goat Coloring Page

This mountain goat from the Pacific Northwest needs some color to brighten his day! You and you little artist can bring this nature scene to life.

Sea Otter Coloring Page

Down at the bottom of the deep blue sea, an otter plucks off a bright purple urchin for a snack! Give this underwater scene some bright colors.

California Condor Coloring Page

The California Condor is the largest bird in the west! It is also one of the most endangered birds in the world. Color a condor with your little bird-watcher.

Snowshoe Hare Coloring Page

Those are some big ears AND feet! These little bunnies need them both to survive in their snowy home.

Moose Coloring Page

A mighty moose is pausing for a drink in the stream. Help give this nature scene some pretty colors.

Beaver Coloring Page

The beaver of the pacific northwest is always hard at work! Color this busy little guy and the woods he lives in.

Buffalo Coloring Page

This mighty mama buffalo and her calf need some colors! Talk with your child about the buffalo as she colors this illustration.

Silverback Gorilla Coloring Page

This silverback gorilla is traveling through the trees in this coloring page. You and your little one can bring him to life by coloring him and his jungle home!

Writing Prompt: Cursed Treasure

How hard could it be to get rid of a cursed treasure chest? Your fifth grader will enjoy making up a story to go along with this illustration!

Picture Writing Prompt: Sea Monster

A day of fishing is interrupted by a giant sea monster! What happens next? This writing prompt will help your student stretch his imagination.

Opossum Coloring Page

These adorable opossums need some colors! Get together with your little one and color this mother opposum as she gives her babies a ride through the treetops.

Alligator Coloring Page

This alligator lives happily in his marshy, lily-pad neighborhood alongside his wetland friends! Give this group some bright colors.

Silverback Gorilla Facts

The silverback gorilla is a special animal. This magnificent male is part of an endangered species. Complete this sheet to learn all about this gentle giant.

Bighorn Sheep Coloring Page

This animal is one of the most majestic and impressive in the Rocky Mountains. Give this bighorn sheep some colors he'll be proud to wear.

Wolf Coloring Page

The wolf is one of the top predators in the Rocky Mountains. Color him shades of grey, black, and white to help him blend into the snowy forests.

Jackrabbit Coloring Page

Say hello to the Antelope Jackrabbit of the plains. This speedy rabbit needs some colors, so get out those crayons and give him a colorful coat.

"X" Adjectives

"X" marks the spot for the "X" adjectives! While not many words start with "X," there are lots that start with the "X" sound.

"I" Adjectives

"I" adjectives give us imaginary, industrious and intelligent! Your little writer will learn an incredible amount of descriptive words starting with "I".

Raccoon Coloring Page

This silly raccoon sees someone in the water. Is it his own reflection? Your preschooler can decide as she colors this furry friend.

Grizzly Bear Coloring Page

Mama Grizzly is very protective of her cubs! Share some quality coloring time with your little cub, and give this bear family some bright colors.

Kangaroo Rat Coloring Page

These two kangaroo rat brothers are racing through the desert! Your kindergartener can color them and root for a winner too.

Prairie Dog Coloring Page

Introduce your child to some animals of the great plains of the U.S. with an adorable prairie dog coloring page!

The Siege of the Alamo

The Siege of the Alamo was an important point in the Texas Revolution. Your youngster can learn the story of the siege in this worksheet.

Armadillo Coloring Page

This mama armadillo and her two little pups are saying hello to some of their desert friends. Have fun coloring them in with your little one.

Elk Coloring Page

The majestic elk looks so peaceful as he watches over his Rocky Mountain home. Give him some bright forest colors.

Native American Tribes: Hopi

The peaceful Hopi are a Native American tribe in Arizona. Your little learner will learn Hopi history, as well as some of their culture.

Pelican Coloring Page

Pelicans are famous flying fishermen! Your kindergartener will enjoy coloring these graceful birds on their Gulf Coast home.

"Z" Adjectives

"Z" is the end of the alphabet, but that doesn't mean there aren't "Z" adjectives! Your little student will practice parts of speech with these zippy words.

Native American Tribes: Pawnee

Native American history is an important part of U.S. history. Step back in time and learn about the Pawnee tribe with this worksheet.

"W" Adjectives

When it's time for writing, the "W" adjectives are the way to go! Your wee writer will be a winner after completing these wonderful exercises.

Roadrunner Coloring Page

It's the day of the big race! This mother roadrunner and her two chicks need some pretty colors to brighten up their day.

Texas Declaration of Independence

Did you know that Texas was once an independent country? Travel back in time to learn about the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence in 1836.

Native American Tribes: Shawnee

Share in the adventures of the Shawnee tribe with this reading comprehension worksheet on Native American history.

"L" Adjectives

Ladies and lads, you'll love this worksheet on letter "L" adjectives! There are three exercises to challenge your child's knowledge of parts of speech.

Manatee Coloring Page

Who knew a sea-cow could be so cute? Color Mama Manatee and her calf as they feed on the plants in their underwater world.

"V" Adjectives

"V" adjectives are vital for valuable writing. Your little learn will practice identifying adjectives and filling in the blanks with this grammar worksheet.

"J" Adjectives

Jump to "J" with this worksheet on adjectives that start with "J"! Your child can build his vocabulary and his knowledge of the parts of speech.

"T" Adjectives

Time for "T" adjectives with this terrific worksheet! Your young writer can build her knowledge of descriptive words and practice her parts of speech.

"S" Adjectives

"S" adjectives can be simple, silly or scary! Your smart student will build her vocabulary full of descriptive "S" words as she practices parts of speech.

Javelina Coloring Page

Meet the adorable javelina, or peccary, a wild pig of the desert! Add some colors to this mama javelina and her baby.

Sentence Diagramming: Objects

Your 5th grader will be the object of her teachers praises after completing this worksheet all about parts of speech.

Native American Tribes: Muscogee

The Muscogee tribe is also known as the Creek. Encourage your young reader to learn more about the history of this Native American tribe.

"Y" Adjectives

Your youngster will be the best with this worksheet on "Y" adjectives. He'll practice identifying parts of speech and he'll build vocabulary.

"Q" Adjectives

"Q" can be quite a challenge, but not with this quality worksheet about "Q" adjectives. Your student will hone grammar skills as he builds vocabulary.

Native American Tribes: Ute

Follow the path of the Ute Native Americans with this worksheet. Your budding historian can enrich her knowledge of U.S. history and culture.

"C" Adjectives

Your curious student will avoid confusion with this worksheet on "C" adjectives! He'll build his grammar and vocabulary as he sorts out these adjectives.

Horned Lizard Coloring Page

There are ants on the menu at this horned lizard's picnic! You and your young artist will have fun coloring a horned lizard from the desert.

"U" Adjectives

"U" isn't useless, it's unique! Get to know some common "U" adjectives with this grammar worksheet about the descriptive parts of speech.

"O" Adjectives

Open your little one's eyes to the "O" adjectives in this outstanding worksheet! Students can practice parts of speech and build vocabulary.

Castle McGillicutty Maze

The Irish Castle McGillicutty is under attack! Your little messenger must find his way through three maze levels to deliver the news to the king.

"G" Adjectives

Golly, "G" is a great letter for adjectives! This worksheet on adjectives is full of descriptive "G" words to help your child build her vocabulary.

"R" Adjectives

Ready for "R" adjectives? Your child will be set with a riot of descriptive "R" words after completing this parts of speech sheet.

"P" Adjectives

Polish your petite prodigy's prowess with these "P" adjectives! She'll get plenty of practice with her parts of speech with these grammar exercises.

"K" Adjectives

Kings must know the importance of "K". Your young student will as well, with this worksheet on "K" adjectives.

"F" Adjectives

Fantastic students will find this worksheet fascinating and fruitful! Fill your vocabulary with "F" adjectives as you hone descriptive writing skills.

Famous Irish Americans

Celebrate the contributions of famous Irish Americans with this worksheet. Read a bit about each famous figure and complete a comprehension exercise.

"N" Adjectives

Nobody does "N" adjectives better than this no-nonsense worksheet! Novice writers will identify nifty adjectives and fill in the blanks.

"H" Adjectives

Stay happy and hungry for learning with this grammar worksheet full of "H" adjectives! Your little learner will build his vocabulary with "H" adjectives.

Coyote Coloring Page

Get together with your little animal lover and color the coyote of the great plains! Talk with her a bit about this animal as she colors.

Creative Writing: Dragons

Is the sleeping dragon a watchdog or a pet? Your fifth grader can write her own story with this fun writing prompt.

"M" Adjectives

You'll find "M" magical in this worksheet on "M" adjectives. Beginning writers will learn magnificent descriptive words as they practice parts of speech.

"D" Adjectives

There are lots of descriptive D's on this adjectives activity page! Your student can practice using and identifying adjectives that start with "D".

"E" Adjectives

Your eager student will be excited to learn some excellent "E" adjectives in this worksheet. He'll complete three short exercises to help build his vocabulary.

"A" Adjectives

"A" is for adjective, just what this worksheet is all about! Help your child sort out these adjectives that start with the letter "A".

Rattlesnake Coloring Page

Meet the Western Diamondback rattlesnake! Teach your child a bit about the rattlesnake as she colors this slithery picture.

Outline a Fictional Character

Your young writer can practice his storytelling skills with this character development worksheet, where he'll outline 4 fictional characters.

St. Patrick's Day Traditions

Teach your little leprechaun about the various St. Patrick's Day traditions and other fun parts of this special Irish heritage day.

"B" Adjectives

Your young learner can begin to build better writing skills with this worksheet on "B" adjectives. She'll get great practice with an important part of speech.

Sentence Diagramming Practice #3

Let your 5th grader hone her sentence diagramming skills with this practice sheet. She'll be reviewing parts of speech and basic grammar.

Sentence Diagramming Practice #4

Budding writers, get a great grammar review with this worksheet on sentence diagrams! Your child can practice identifying parts of speech.

Sentence Diagramming Practice #2

Get down those parts of speech with a sentence diagramming exercise! Your child will break down this sentence by identifying each part of speech.

Number "Six" Puzzle

Finally the number six gets it's own puzzle! Let your little one put it together, read the number and sound out the words.

Number "Five" Puzzle

Five is a big year for a preschooler and a big number! Help her get practice with counting and numbers with this fun and colorful puzzle.

Number "Two" Puzzle

Let's get together with "Two"! Enjoy making your own simple puzzle to help teach your preschooler all about the number two.

Sentence Diagramming Practice #6

Your learner can refine his knowledge of the different parts of speech with this sentence diagramming worksheet.

Number "Four" Puzzle

If your child is puzzled by numbers and counting, help him out with a fun number puzzle he can make himself!

Number "Ten" Puzzle

It's the number "ten", you've reached the end! Your child will be so proud to know her numbers one thru ten, plus she'll be having fun as she goes.

Number "Three" Puzzle

One, two, three ... GO! Have some fun making your own puzzle with this printable all about the number three.

St. Patrick's Day Maze Race

Try your luck at a challenging maze race this St. Patrick's day! Two players will choose a lucky start or lucky finish and navigate the side by side mazes.

Valentine's Day Bouquet

Send some beautiful flowers to a special someone this Valentine's Day! Your little one will love coloring these flowers for a friend or family member.

Noun and Verb Agreement

Build better writing habits in your 5th grader with this helpful review on subject-verb agreement. He'll review singular and plural nouns and verbs.

Valentine's Day Garland

Decorate your home or classroom with a Valentine's Day garland! Your little ones will love decorating these hearts with glitter and ribbons.

Sentence Diagramming Practice #1

Give your 5th grader a challenging way to practice identifying parts of speech. She'll break down each sentence into a formal diagram.

Number "Eight" Puzzle

Eight is great! And your child will love practicing her counting as she learns about the number eight with this fun puzzle.

Number "Seven" Puzzle

Need a fun way to practice those numbers? Your little one will have a great time with this puzzle all about the number 7!

The Battles of Lexington and Concord

The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the "shot heard around the world" and began the American Revolution.

Number "One" Puzzle

Learn how to count to ten the fun way, with a number puzzle you can make yourselves! Help your child cut out these pieces and put them back together again.

Sentence Diagramming Practice #10

What better way to learn sentence structure than to diagram a sentence? Your will improve his writing skills as he maps out these sentences.

Sentence Diagramming Practice #9

Review the parts of speech with this sentence diagramming worksheet! Young writers will gain a better understanding of sentence structure.

Sentence Diagramming Practice #8

Help your young learner improve her understanding of sentence structure with this sentence diagramming worksheet.

Number "Nine" Puzzle

Nine is fine, especially when it's in a fun puzzle! Your preschooler will love practicing her counting with a homemade number puzzle.

Punctuation: Ending Sentences

Help your young student practice perfect punctuation with this worksheet. He'll practice placing periods, question marks and exclamation points.

How to Read a Topographic Map

Your budding explorers will enjoy learning to read and understand the contours of a topographic map! They'll get to answer some questions and solve a maze.

Connect the Shamrocks Game

Challenge your brother, sister, or even mom and dad! With a little Irish luck on your side, you might best them all in this game of strategy and logic.

Industrial Revolution

How did our society become so advanced? Introduce your student to the Industrial Revolution with this reading sheet.

Ancient Trade Routes: El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro

Learn some interesting history about some of the oldest, and longest, roads in the U.S.! Your child will learn about a famous trade route to Mexico.

Rhythm Practice for Poetry

Your budding poet can practice his rhythm in this worksheet. He'll read two poems by Robert Louis Stevenson and determine their rhythm.

Sentence Diagramming Practice #7

Your budding writer can review the parts of speech with this worksheet on sentence diagrams. He'll get a better grasp on sentence structure as he goes.

Native American Tribes: Nez Perce

The Nez Perce is a Native American tribe in the Northwest U.S. This worksheet will hep your little learner to explore Native American history and culture.

Grammar Review: Verbs

Help your 5th grader to recognize and use verbs with this practice sheet. He can fill in the blanks, identify verbs, and correct the ones that are misused!

Grammar Review: Adverbs

Help your 5th grader understand adverbs and improve his writing skills with this grammar review sheet.

Grammar Review: Conjunctions

Get to know your parts of speech! This grammar sheet is full of review activities to help your 5th grader understand conjunctions.

Grammar Review: Prepositions

Help your 5th grader conquer prepositions! He'll review this tricky part of speech with a few comprehensive activities.

Grammar Review: Adjectives

Give your 5th grader a great review of her parts of speech, starting with some awesome adjectives!

Sentence Diagramming: Subject/Verb

Learn how to diagram sentences with this grammar sheet. Your student can practice breaking down a sentence into its different parts of speech.

Grammar Review: Articles

Does your child know her parts of speech? Here's a great review of articles (or determiners), which are technically a type of adjective!

Adding Adjectives

Time to saddle up some adjectives! Descriptive language adds interest to writing. Your little cowpoke can practice adding adjectives to a paragraph.

Sentence Diagramming: Adjectives

Get a grasp on grammar with this worksheet about diagramming sentences. Your student will learn how to identify parts of speech in simple sentences.

Sentence Diagramming: Articles

Help your 5th grader master sentence diagramming with this helpful how-to sheet. She'll practice breaking down a sentence into parts of speech.

Sentence Diagramming: Prepositions

Your young writer will learn how to position prepositional phrases in a sentence diagram with this grammar sheet.

Sentence Diagramming: Adverbs

Help your fifth grader review parts of speech with this sentence diagramming worksheet. This one focuses on identifying and diagramming adverbs.

Possessive Adjectives

His, mine or yours? Your little learner will have a better understanding of his parts of speech after completing this worksheet on possessive adjectives.

The Cat That Walked by Himself

Beginning readers will love this short story by Rudyard Kipling, all about how the animals were first domesticated.

Sentence Diagramming Practice #5

Got grammar problems? Your student can practice his parts of speech as he diagrams sentences in this practice sheet.

Native American Tribes: Choctaw

Young readers can discover the history of the Choctaw Native American tribe with this history worksheet.

Native American Tribes: Lakota

Ride along with the Lakota tribe with this history worksheet. These Native Americans were part of the horse culture of the Dakotas.

Native American Tribes: Seminole

Discover the history of the Seminole tribe with this worksheet! This tribe, originally from Florida, has a rich culture.

Native American Tribes: Shoshone

The Shoshone were an important Native American tribe. Your little historian will learn about the culture and history of this tribe.

Native American Tribes: Comanche

Ride the range with the Comanche culture in this worksheet about the history of Native American tribes.

Native American Tribes: Cheyenne

Travel back in time to discover the Cheyenne tribe. Young readers will learn all about Native American history with this worksheet.

Native American Tribes: Apache

The Apache tribe of Native Americans helped shape the Southwest. Your young learner can read all about them in this history worksheet.

The Battle of Bunker Hill

The Battle of Bunker Hill was one of the early battles of the American Revolution. Discover the important features of the battle with this worksheet.

Native American Tribes: Navajo

Your budding historian can learn about the Navajo, the largest Native American tribe, with this worksheet.

Reading Comprehension: The Prince and the Pauper

Beginning readers, enjoy this passage from Twain's classic "The Prince and the Pauper" and then complete some vocabulary and comprehension questions.

Ancient Chinese Dynasties: Ming

Your young student will step back in time with this worksheet on the Ming Dynasty. He'll build comprehension skills as he learns some ancient history.

Native American Tribes: Iroquois

Your young historian will learn about the Iroquois League with this worksheet. He'll learn some important U.S. history as he practices his reading.

Rhythm and Rhyme in Poetry

Your young poet can review the important concepts of rhyme and rhythm by completing some practice exercises based on this poem.

Valentine Decorations

Valentine decorations spruce up your cards, mailboxes, and walls on Valentine's Day. Try these valentine decorations with your little valentine this February.

Valentine's Coloring Page

These yummy Valentine's Day candies are just begging to be colored! Your child will love choosing the bright colors to fill in these sweets.

Native American Tribes: Mohawk

Your young historian can explore the Mohawk tribe. This Native American group played an important role in American history.

Poetry Rhythm

Practicing poets can refine their sense of meter and rhythm with this worksheet about stressed and unstressed syllables.

Rhyme Scheme: "If"

Your budding poet can practice determining a rhyme scheme in this worksheet. He'll identify the rhyming words in Rudyard Kipling's classic poem, "If."

Vintage Valentines

Vintage valentines give your card exchange some old world flair. Print out these vintage valentines for your child this Valentine's Day.

All About Metaphors

This worksheet is a slam dunk for metaphors! Your young writer will learn what makes up a metaphor, and then practice making a few of her own.

Hearts Coloring Page

This hearts coloring page features a dizzying group of concentric hearts. Decorate a hearts coloring page with crayons, markers, and glitter on Valentine's Day.

Rhyme Scheme Practice

It's time to find some rhymes! Help your budding poet learn to identify rhyme schemes in poetry with this worksheet.

Rhyme Schemes

Your young writer can learn about poetry analysis with this worksheet on rhyme schemes, complete with excerpts by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Point of View

If your little one loves to read, teach her about the differences in narrative point of view with this worksheet.

Local Government

Your young learner will discover the basics of local government with this worksheet all about municipalities.

Understanding Dialogue: Tom Sawyer

Your student can practice reading a unique style of dialogue with this worksheet on "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."

Buffalo Soldiers

Your budding historian can learn about the Buffalo Soldiers, the first African American military troops to serve in peacetime.

Valentine Cards

Valentine cards make the holiday special. These valentine cards feature cuddly animals, lovely hearts, and vibrant colors.

Black Beauty Reading Comprehension

Liberty is precious to humans and to horses. Your young student can read about Beauty's longing for liberty in this worksheet for "Black Beauty."

Romeo and Juliet: Character Study

Playwrights and romantics alike, here's a reading comprehension sheet based on Romeo and Juliet, one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies.

The Siege of Yorktown

Your young historian can step back in time and read about an important battle that helped to end the American Revolution.

Reading Comprehension: Black Beauty

Inspire your reluctant reader with this comprehension page, featuring a passage from a classic novel, Black Beauty.

Reading: The Wind in the Willows

Embark on an adventure through the woods with the Mole, in this excerpt from Kenneth Grahame's charming book, The Wind in the Willows.

Valentine Cards to Print

Send a little love to everyone this Valentine's Day with these colorful, printable valentine notes, complete with a card for mom and for dad!

Tuskegee Airmen

Your little learner can learn about the heroic Tuskegee Airmen as he hones his reading comprehension skills with this history worksheet.

Underground Railroad Songs

For kids studying the Underground Railroad, here's a worksheet to help them discover some of the songs that gave hope to enslaved Americans.

How the First Letter was Written

How was writing first invented? Find out by reading this delightful story by Rudyard Kipling, "How the First Letter was Written."

The Crab that Played with the Sea

Introduce your little reader to some classic childhood literature, with Rudyard Kipling's charming story "The Crab That Played with the Sea."

Reading Comprehension: Dr. Dolittle

Young readers can build their comprehension skills as they read this passage from a children's classic, "The Story of Dr. Dolittle."

The Butterfly That Stamped

Help your student with reading comprehension, and enjoy a favorite short story by Rudyard Kipling, about a King, a Queen and two quarreling butterflies.

How the Alphabet Was Made

Make reading time fun, with this classic short story by Rudyard Kipling. Then, complete a few comprehension activities on "How the Alphabet Was Made."

The Emancipation Proclamation

Your future historian will learn about the Emancipation Proclamation as he hones his reading comprehension skills with this worksheet.

Reading Comprehension: The Secret Garden

Your little reader is sure to enjoy this selection from the children's classic, "The Secret Garden." She'll build her vocabulary and reading skills.

Leaders of the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad aided thousands of enslaved Americans on the road to freedom. Students will learn about the leaders of this movement.

African American Inventors

Your young historian will learn about the some of the most notable African American inventors with this worksheet.

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad helped thousands of enslaved Americans find freedom. In this worksheet, your student will learn about this historic network.

Native American Tribes: Cherokee

Discover the history of the Cherokee tribe with this worksheet all about Native American culture.

Christmas Countdown Coloring Page

It's Christmas time, and every child wants to know when Santa is coming! You and your child can color Santa as you count down the days till his big arrival.

St. Nicholas Coloring Page

What's that sound up on the rooftop? It's St. Nicholas! Add some Christmas colors to this picture of Santa and his pack of toys.

Autumn Scarecrow Coloring Page

Autumn, scarecrows and pumpkin patches go hand-in-hand, as this cheerful coloring page shows!

Hungry Whale Coloring Page

This whale looks hungry! Enjoy an underwater coloring page with your child, and practice naming the different animals.

How the Whale Got His Throat

Enjoy "How the Whale Got His Throat" by Rudyard Kipling, and complete some reading comprehension activities, including a few coloring pages!

Munching Cow Coloring Page

This cow is happily munching on a pile of fresh green grass. Color the cow with your child, and make as many "Moo" sounds as you want!

Wild Horse Coloring Page

This horse has a pile of straw big enough to keep him happy for days! Give this spotted pony some colors.

Cat and Mouse Coloring Page

The wild cat has found a friendly little mouse. Color them both, and don't forget to review sight words and the names of animals with your little one!

Dog with Bone Coloring Page

This wild pup has a bone and a warm fire to keep him happy. Add some colors to this happy little dog!

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