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Number Puzzles

Little ones can learn their numbers with this collection of number jgsaw puzzles.
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Number "One" Puzzle

Learn how to count to ten the fun way, with a number puzzle you can make yourselves! Help your child cut out these pieces and put them back together again.

Number "Two" Puzzle

Let's get together with "Two"! Enjoy making your own simple puzzle to help teach your preschooler all about the number two.

Number "Three" Puzzle

One, two, three ... GO! Have some fun making your own puzzle with this printable all about the number three.

Number "Four" Puzzle

If your child is puzzled by numbers and counting, help him out with a fun number puzzle he can make himself!

Number "Five" Puzzle

Five is a big year for a preschooler and a big number! Help her get practice with counting and numbers with this fun and colorful puzzle.

Number "Six" Puzzle

Finally the number six gets it's own puzzle! Let your little one put it together, read the number and sound out the words.

Number "Seven" Puzzle

Need a fun way to practice those numbers? Your little one will have a great time with this puzzle all about the number 7!

Number "Eight" Puzzle

Eight is great! And your child will love practicing her counting as she learns about the number eight with this fun puzzle.

Number "Nine" Puzzle

Nine is fine, especially when it's in a fun puzzle! Your preschooler will love practicing her counting with a homemade number puzzle.

Number "Ten" Puzzle

It's the number "ten", you've reached the end! Your child will be so proud to know her numbers one thru ten, plus she'll be having fun as she goes.

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