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Halloween Numbers: Candy!

Trick or Treat! This worksheet is a fun way to get your child some number and counting practice in a sweet way.

Halloween Numbers: Witch Hats

It's the witching hour! Ask your child to wear her witch hat and do some magic to fill in the missing numbers in the right order.

Halloween Letters

The spiders and ghosts have eaten up a lot of letters. Is your child brave enough to go inside this haunted house and fill in the missing ones?

Halloween Letters Graveyard

The ghosts are all waking up one by one! Ask your child to quickly fill in the missing letters in the coffin and run home before he wakes up the other ghosts.

Halloween Numbers: Bats

Bats around this haunted tree and need help with missing numbers between 70 and 76!

Halloween Handwriting

Let your kindergartener practice her handwriting with a few Halloween friends. She'll write out spooky and silly items like candy, ghosts and spiders.

Halloween Sentences

Before your third grader puts on a costume, have him practice writing sentences that support a single topic. The topic of this worksheet? The fun of Halloween!

Halloween Math: Simple Subtraction 1

Here's a way for your child to learn subtraction and practice her numbers. The Halloween theme keeps counting and math fun!

Halloween Math: Simple Subtraction 2

It's not exactly the Itsy Bitsy Spider on this worksheet but the Halloween theme keeps learning subtraction fun so you can mix math practice with the holiday!

Halloween Math: Simple Subtraction 3

Trick or Treat, smell our feet, give your kid some math that's neat—mix up the holiday with math, or, stir up subtraction learning with a Halloween theme!

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