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Most Inspirational People: MLK, Jr. and His Dream

Check out a book from your local library on one of the most inspirational people in the world, and get inspired by this amazing activist's achievements.

Jump Into Writing: Write a "Flower" Sentence

Get your child's creative juices flowing by encouraging her to write and illustrate a sentence about a colorful spring flower.

Jump Into Writing: Write a "Jellyfish" Sentence

Help your kindergartener reach deep into her imagination to jot down a creative sentence about one or many jellyfish.

Jump Into Writing: Write a "Rocket" Sentence

What kid doesn't get excited about space-traveling rockets? Help him use his excitement to write a sentence about the fastest rocket ship he can imagine.

Jump into Writing: Write a "Bird" Sentence

Tweet, tweet! Remember: The early bird get the worm, so it's never too early for your kindergartener to practice writing skills.

Jump into Writing: Write a Bug Story

Want to give your kindergartener's writing skills an edge? This fun worksheet prompts her to author her own story about a bug.

Jump Into Writing: Write a "Car" Sentence

What little boy doesn't love thinking about, talking about, and playing with cars? Encourage him to put his love to the pen by writing a sentence about a car.

Jump Into Writing: Write an "Owl" Sentence

Is your kindergartener interested in owls? Help her author her own sentence about these beautiful, nocturnal animals.

Jump Into Writing: Write a "Fish" Sentence

This underwater-themed worksheet gets your kindergartener writing about a scaly sea creature--or a pet goldfish.

Beginning Writing: Write a "Bee" Sentence

Buzz, buzz, buzz! Get your kindergartener buzzing about bees with this beginning writing worksheet. Writing has never been this fun!

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