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Solid Figures: Shape Up!

Which solid figure describes a baseball? A sphere! Kids completing this third grade math worksheet match common objects to solid geometric figures.

Three Types of Triangles

This worksheet will introduce your child to the three types of triangles: the equilateral triangle, the isosceles triangle and the scalene triangle.

Geometry Basics: Perimeter

Practice perimeter with your third grader with this nifty worksheet.

Geometry Lines

Get to know the geometry of the line with this worksheet, which also goes over parallel and perpendicular lines.

Scalene Triangles

Help your child learn to recognize scalene triangles with this worksheet.

Polygons: Name that Shape

In this 3rd grade geometry worksheet, your child will complete each polygon using a ruler, then identify what type of polygon it is.

Choose the Unit: Liquid Volume

With this worksheet, your third-grader will become more comfortable identifying the different units of measurement for liquid volume.

Isosceles Triangles

Help your child learn how to identify an isosceles triangle with this geometry worksheet

Identifying Parallelograms

In this 3rd grade geometry worksheet, your child will practice identifying parallelograms among other shapes and will color them in to find a hidden word.

Basic Geometry: Anatomy of an Angle

Learn some basic geometry with this worksheet all about the angle.

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