Created by Denise Mitchell

Weird Science!

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Make Creepy Crawly Pretzel Snacks

How can you tell the difference between a spider and an insect? Your child will find out as he makes a tray of yummy creepy crawly snacks.

Build a Terrarium

Create a mini plant habitat with your kid to help teach him what it takes to make an ecosystem work.

Craft Pinecone People

Who knew that nature could get so crafty? Show your kindergartener how to collect and morph pinecones into a whole team of personalized pinecone people.

Bubble Science

This recipe makes bubbles that not only blow up nice and big, but do tricks and experiments! How do you do it? It's not a secret, it's science!

Bake a Chemistry Cake

Here's an experiment that will have your child experimenting with cake ingredients to learn about the chemical reactions that happen when a cake's in the oven.

My Backyard Counting Book

Help your kindergartener practice counting from one to ten with this fun outdoor activity. Make a "My Backyard Counting Book" to review counting to ten.

Make a Fistful of Slime!

Get your hands on a concoction that breaks the rules about what's a solid and what's a liquid.

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