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Candy Wrapper Collage

This candy wrapper collage is a cool upcycled craft for after Halloween. Make this candy wrapper collage with all of your leftover candy wrappers.

Scary Spider

All your child will need are her hands to create a kooky, spooky spider. While making her spider she'll get practice both drawing and cutting out shapes.

Cute Bat

Your child can easily create a ghoulishy adorable bat treat keeper. Crafting this funny fella is a great way to introduce the basic components of sculpture.

Make Mummy Mug Party Favors

If you're short on time but want to find a creative way to decorate your Halloween table, try this spooky party favor mug with matching napkin rings.

Halloween Eyeball Cake Pops

These Halloween cake pops only have eyes for you. Eat Halloween cake pops this All Hallows' Eve for a spooky treat fit for zombies and friends.

Witches' Brew

This witches' brew recipe for kids is a cool mix of lemonade, tapioca pearl "eggs," and gummy worms. Try this witches' brew recipe for kids this Halloween.

Make a Crazy Halloween Pumpkin

Make a Halloween pumpkin this October! A Halloween pumpkin character is a safe Jack-o'-lantern carving alternative for young children.

Fall Crossword Puzzle

This colorful fall crossword puzzle is a fun way to practice spelling and learn about all about autumn.

Adding Apostrophes

Check out this fun and spooky Halloween worksheet all about apostrophes. Your child will read the story and add in the missing apostrophes.

Pumpkin Patch Math

Do some pumpkin patch math with your child this fall. See if you can find the tricky pattern that weaves through this pumpkin patch math worksheet.

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