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What Is the Most Effective Sunscreen?

Which sunscreen is most effective at blocking the sun's harmful UV rays? Test the SPF of various sunblock brands in this cool science project!

Can Earthworms be Used to Recycle Kitchen Wastes into Fertile Garden Soil?

This project tests the feasibility of earthworms as a means of recycling kitchen waste into fertile garden soil.

Defying Gravity

This science fair project idea investigates how magnetism can defy the force of gravity.

True or False? The Lying Experiment

This science project has students study a group of volunteer liars actively lying to study the behavior of a lie. Students see if they can figure out the truth.

Transpiration Experiment

In this enlightening transpiration experiment, kids will explore how the loss of water from plants through transpiration contributes to the water cycle.

Soap Bubbles

This science fair project idea explores substances that cause a bubble to last longer.

The Psychology of Feeling Watched

This science fair project teaches kids experimental design and how to test if subjects can really sense if they are being watched.

Soap Science

This science fair idea project identifies the active ingredients in soap and experiments with the properties of soap.

Salt Melting Ice

Discover how and which salt melts ice the quickest.

Do Plants Respond to Music?

This project explores whether music affects the growth and health of plants.

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