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Bubblegum Addition

Boost your child's arithmetic skill and addition facts fluency with this bubbly worksheet that offers single-digit addition problems with sums of 9 or less.

Math-Go-Round: Addition (Easy)

A fun game to help your 1st-grader practice his addition.

Count 'Em Up: Pineapple Addition

Gear up for some sweet and tangy addition practice. Boost your first grader's addition skills with a perfectly pretty pineapple worksheet.

KenKen Game: Tiny Turtle

Check out this first grade KenKenĀ® puzzle, a math game that combines addition and logic!

Sky High Addition

Your first grader will soar high above the skies as he completes addition problems with sums of 9 or less in this math worksheet.

Simple Subtraction Problems #1

It's a starry night! Can your little mathematician find the difference in single-digit subtraction problems written in the stars?

Fishing For Math Facts: Six

Give your child a great game for practicing math facts! She'll "fish" for the right answer by solving all the simple subtraction and addition equations.

Math-Go-Round: Subtraction (Hard)

A board game made for 1st-graders to sharpen their subtraction skills.

Monster Marathon: Two-Digit Subtraction #4

Help your second grader get a handle on double-digit subtraction in the company of a friendly assortment of monsters.

Scoreboard Subtraction #5

Is your second grader having trouble with borrowing? Take the boredom out of subtraction practice with this basketball-themed worksheet.

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