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Number Maze: Skating Koala

Kids give a skating koala a hand, drawing a path from the koala to the ice by counting and tracing numbers from 1 to 20 on this kindergarten math worksheet.

Pirate Number Sense

Arr, it's time to find some pirate treasure! Kids get practice with three-digit counting as they fill in the missing numbers to find the treasure chest.

Number 20 Coloring Page

Kids color and count teacups with the number 20 on this kindergarten math worksheet, which offers practice recognizing and writing whole numbers and counting.

Missing Numbers Game with Jungle Joe

Kids get practice writing and counting three-digit numbers as they complete this fun-filled math missing numbers game.

Connect the Dots: Practicing "I"

Give your child help learning the letter I with this printable connect the dots puzzle.

Cut and Fold a Shuffling Turtle

Looking for a crafty worksheet to help your kid with his fine-motor skills? This printable will give him practice with folding and cutting.

Coloring 14: Blowing Bubbles

Pop! Someone is blowing bubbles everywhere! Kids completing this kindergarten math worksheet color and count ones with the number 14.

Coloring 17: Silly Sock Pairs

Socks usually come in pairs, but these silly socks are all mixed up! For this kindergarten math worksheet, kids color and count the socks with the number 17.

Spaceship Maze

This simple maze is great for exercising fine motor skills, and the fun spaceship background is an essential addition to any maze-lover's collection.

Number Maze: Help the Surfing Starfish!

Kids give a surfing starfish a hand, drawing a path from the starfish to the wave by counting from 1 to 20 on this kindergarten math worksheet.

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