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Pet Heating Pad

Make mini heating pads for the special animal in your household or to use the next time you or your child has some aches and pains.

Pop the Balloons!

Try to pop other opponents balloons while trying to protect your own. This exciting game is sure to be a hit with the kids at your next party!

Play Action Word Charades

Make grammar interesting for kinders, with this fun take on charades. They'll practice verbs and get in some giggles, too!

Play Vocabulary Bingo!

Looking for a way to make vocab practice a little more engaging? This easy twist on the classic game is a great way to build your child's vocabulary.

Play Mood Charades!

Have your kid try his hand at mood charades. It's a great way to promote social development and hone reading comprehension skills, not to mention tons of fun!

Play Nursery Rhyme Madlibs!

Here's a silly game that uses nursery rhymes to introduce a big concept in first grade reading and writing: learning about nouns and verbs.

Endangered Animals Game

Introduce your child to the importance of preserving the world's biodiversity by turning a lesson on endangered species into a fun game for the whole family.

Living Room Letterpress

Here's a DIY arts and crafts project that has your teen constructing a letterpress to make her own gorgeous, unique art prints!

Growth Chart

Help your child chart how much he has grown over his school break by creating his own tree-shaped Summer Growth Chart.

Felt Flowers

These sweet felt posies make for an adorable craft project for a second grader or even a parent!

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