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Extract DNA from Spinach!

Show your middle schooler how a quick whirl of spinach in the blender will reveal the cobwebby "stuff"--or DNA--of life!

Ikebana: Flower Arrangement

Learn about Ikebana, or the Japanese art of flower arranging, with your child while artfully arranging spring flowers!

Mother's Day Carnations

Help your fifth grader embrace the roots--literally--of Mother's Day by growing carnations to honor mothers in you family's history.

Make Ice Cube Candles

Make some beautiful and unique candles to light your home.

Make Your Own Pendant

Etch designs into discs of plaster of Paris using a traditional whaler technique to create a beautiful artisan necklace.

Clay Jewelry

This craft has your child creating unique earrings and necklaces from self-hardening clay and acrylic paint.

Growth Chart

Help your child chart how much he has grown over his school break by creating his own tree-shaped Summer Growth Chart.

Homemade Lava Lamp

A homemade lava lamp gives any room a retro flair. Find out how to make a homemade lava lamp, and learn some science too, with this educational activity.

Make a Fun Brochure!

Here's a fun way for your child to exercise his writing chops...and prove a point! A great way to practice persuasive writing.

Valentine Haiku

Looking for a simple, yet unique writing activity for your child on Valentine's Day? Have her try her hand at haiku.

Guess What? A Writing Game

This game will help your child write with more attention to detail.

How to Write a Scary Story

Want to build your child's literary repertoire with tools like foreshadowing and description? Try a spooky Halloween story!

Write a Cliffhanger

Even the most reluctant beginning writers love to experiment with the "cliffhanger."

Halloween Decorations: Make Ghouly Hands!

Want to make Halloween truly eerie? Science to the rescue! These ghouly hands come alive with a little help from simple chemistry.

Tissue Pouch

Keep school day sniffles at bay with a simple felt tissue cozy that fits neatly in a 3-ring binder.

Build a Rocket Ship

Building a rocket ship is a great way for kids to learn about measuring and construction. It'll fuel their creative side too!

Fine Motor Practice

Take some of the spirit of musical chairs and incorporate it into an indoor obstacle course that will fine tune your child's motor skills!

Create a Secret Storage Book!

Here's a fun arts and crafts activity that has you and your child creating a book with a secret hollow!

Sew a Colorful Amish Potholder

Enhance fourth-grade measurement making skills and social studies learning with this stitching project.

Cosmetic Compact Greeting Card

Don't despair about finishing off that powder compact. Help your teen reconstruct it into a stylish greeting card for someone special!

Leprechaun Trap for Kids

Can your third grader catch a leprechaun using a homemade trap? Help her entice these folkloric Irish fairies with gold coins that they simply can't resist.

Wax Paper Skating

When it√Ęs too warm to ice skate or too cold to roller skate or you simply want an anytime, indoor activity, set up a wax paper skating rink.

Practice Hula Hoop Times Tables!

Help your child practice multiplication tables with this mental and physical multitasking game that uses a hula hoop to get into the swing of things.

Learn the Bone Zone: Spine

Quiz your kid on the names of bones in his spine with this colorful worksheet.

Awesome Anatomy: You're So Cell-y

Learn all about cells, the tiny pieces that make up our body, in this color-in diagram.

Explore the Four Components of Blood

This activity will introduce your child to the four different components of blood and give him a fun way to visualize its properties.

Inside-Out Anatomy: The Urinary System (Male)

Use this worksheet to learn more about the urinary system and see how waste is processed and excreted.

Inside-Out Anatomy: The Urinary System

Learn about the human urinary system with this Inside-Out Anatomy worksheet, which shows how waste is processed and excreted from the body.

Gutsy Move: Nervous vs. Digestive

Help your child learn about the nervous system and the digestive system with this fun worksheet, which will challenge his knowledge of physiology.

Awesome Anatomy: Do You Smell Something?

Learn all about your sense of smell with this diagram and coloring page.

Human Anatomy: Ear, Nose, Throat

See just how connected the ears, nose and throat are with this anatomy worksheet!

How the Ears Work: Awesome Anatomy

Color this Awesome Anatomy coloring page that focuses on how the ears work to hear sound.

Awesome Anatomy: If I Only Had a Heart!

This Awesome Anatomy coloring page focuses on the heart and all the different parts of it.

Awesome Anatomy: Eye See

This Awesome Anatomy coloring page is all about the human eye, and makes a handy study tool as well!

Learn the Bone Zone: Skull

Teach your fifth grader about this important bony structure with a fill-in-the-blank skull diagram.

Awesome Anatomy: Skull Science

Cranium, noodle, melon, noggin...the human skull has been called a lot of things over the years. Here are the proper names for each part.

Write a Pet Sitter Guide

Give your third grader's reading and writing skills a stretch: have her create a Care Manual for your pet the next time your family goes away.

Write a Collaborative Story

This fun writing activity takes a regular task - writing a story - and transforms it into a collaborative writing experience for hilarious results!

The Zoo Stories: Imagining Animals at Night

Here's a fun writing activity that will turn a Saturday trip to the local zoo into an all-out creativity bonanza.

Create an Animal Folk Tale

Invite your first grader to follow a African tradition by coming up with an explanatory African folktale and assembling a book to go along with it.

Make a Native American Talking Stick

Learn all about Native American culture as your child constructs her own Native American talking stick using string and various nature items.

Be a Detail Artist!

Does your young writer need more details to beef up her writing? Why not make it fun by mixing in some creative artwork, and take her writing to the next level.

Flower Pin

Your child can create a trendy, retro felt flower pin that will remind her of the natural beauty of flowers in full bloom no matter what time of year it is!


What would it be like to be the Cat in the Hat from the famous Dr. Seuss book? This Read Across America project has your 1st grader making his own fun-in-a-box!

Create a Collection That Rocks!

Get your fifth grader involved in some earth science by helping her plan and create her very own rock collection.

Moonlight Magic

Try this simple 2nd grade science experiment to teach your child about the principles of luminosity and light reflection.

What's It Made Of?

Searching for a worksheet to help your fourth grader with science? This printable will help him with geology.

Lace a Face

Here's a wacky activity that kids are sure to love: make a face that has shoelaces for hair!

Sense of Touch

Does your child know his five senses? Give him an introduction to human anatomy with this sense of touch worksheet.

Human Body Diagram

For those of you studying human anatomy, here is a great diagram of the major organs in our body!

Human Anatomy: Thyroid

Do you know what the thyroid does? Learn about our body's largest gland with this human anatomy info sheet.

Human Anatomy: Brain

The brain is the most important organ in the human body. Get a basic grasp on the parts and functions of the brain with this anatomy info sheet.

Human Anatomy: Pancreas

If your child is starting to learn human biology, give him a great study sheet with this anatomy worksheet about the pancreas.

Human Anatomy: Muscles

Studying human anatomy? Here is a great sheet that shows a diagram of all the muscle system. Your child will learn the scientific terms of the major muscles.

Human Anatomy: Nose

Did you know our sense of smell is also called "olfactory"? Learn about the structure and function of the nose with this human anatomy sheet.

Human DNA

Human anatomy may be complicated, but even more intricate is our DNA! Learn the basics of our body's building blocks with an informative sheet.

Human Anatomy: Heart

Ever wonder how the human body functions? Enjoy this great info sheet all about the human heart, one of our most important organs.

Human Anatomy: Kidney

Did you know people can live with just one kidney? Get a head start on human anatomy with this info sheet on kidneys.

Human Anatomy: Tongue

How does our sense of taste function? Introduce your child to the anatomy of our tongue with this diagram and info sheet.

Human Skeletal System

Did you know there are over 200 bones in the human body? Learn more about the human skeletal system with this diagram and info sheet!

Human Cell

Is your child a star scientist? Give her a great introduction to human biology with this study sheet on human cells.

Human Anatomy: Stomach

How much does your child know about the structure of his stomach? Learn a bit about this important organ with an informative anatomy sheet!

Human Anatomy: Bladder

Learn the basics of human anatomy with this info sheet all about the bladder. Your child will learn the different parts of the bladder

Earth Rocks! Quick Quiz

Take a plunge under the surface of the earth! With this worksheet as your guide, you may explore the geological processes of our planet.

Fourth Grade Reading Practice: Complete the Mystery

This reading worksheet's a good way for 4th graders to boost vocabulary and spelling, and a great tool to get in shape for standardized testing.

DIY Menorah

This DIY menorah will make a beautiful addition to your Hanukkah celebrations. Make a DIY menorah with your child this winter.

Jump Rope The Days of the Week!

Here are two fun, rhythmic jump rope chants to help your first grader learn the days of the week, practice reading skills, and stay fit!

Autumn Sketchbook

This will encourage your child to utilize her observation skills, develop aesthetic awareness, build artistic drawing abilities and learn about the seasons.

Play Syllable I Spy

You've probably played the game "I Spy." It's perfect for long car rides. But with a little tweaking, the game can also help kids practice syllables.

Write a Concrete Poem For Mom

Boost those first grade reading and writing skills with this sweet Mother's Day poem idea.

Make Jewelry Using Your Favorite Photos!

Make unique jewelry and accessories using photos and shrinkable plastic sheets! It's like Shrinky Dinks, but better.

Make a Mother's Day Crown

Make Mom a Queen For A Day crown for Mother's Day.

Book Through the Summer

To help keep summer memories alive, have your fifth grader utilize his writing skills to create a summer book keepsake!

Make a Cyber Bracelet

Your preteen will learn about computer parts and how to handle them as she uses an outdated computer to make a totally in-style bracelet!

Design String-Wrapped Headbands

Your child can create a string wrapped headband to hold her hair back during the hot summer. Plus, it will re-purpose left over bits of string and thread!

How to Make a Paper Lantern

Create a beautiful pop-up paper lantern and will serve as the perfect decoration at your next party.

Recycled T-Shirt Skirt

Your kid will practice measuring, cutting and basic stitches by recycling an old t-shirt into a a cute skirt using simple sewing techniques.

Living Room Letterpress

Here's a DIY arts and crafts project that has your teen constructing a letterpress to make her own gorgeous, unique art prints!

Make Hardware Jewelry

Help your teen use scrap hardware to make punk-style jewelry that lets her own unique style shine.

T-Shirt Tote Bag

Go green and make a stylish tote bag out of a T-shirt.

Make Fortune Cookie Invitations

Show your high school-aged child an offbeat way to let her friends know their future includes a party: fortune cookie cards!

Ant Maze

Complete the ant maze; help this army of ants locate their buried treasure!

Tiger Cube Paper Project

This tiger is ready to roar, just as soon as you decorate and assemble your paper cat from this printable.

The Mix Up Monsters

Is your kid bored with all her board games? The silly mix up monster game is sure to please any young learner.

Monster Memory Game

Similar to Concentration, this printable board game tests your child's memory and focus. Players take turns looking under pennies to find matching pictures.

Word Scramble: Animals

Give your child something to do next time she has to sit still, wait or travel. This animal word scramble is great spelling practice, too!

How to Make Paper Cranes

Looking for way to help Japan? Start by making paper cranes! Learn how you and your child can show your support for Japan through the art of origami.

Build a Balloon...Out of Paper!

Teach your fifth grader the ancient Japanese art of origami with this incredible origami balloon that uses just one piece of paper!

Origami Pinwheel

Invite your child to create a lovely windmill using the ancient art of origami.

Origami Crown

Princes and princesses, learn to make your own crowns with this fun worksheet. Follow the instructions and be ready to play!

Origami Elephant

Learning to fold origami is challenging, but fun! Make your own paper elephant with this cool origami worksheet.

Origami Whale

Origami is an ancient art, but is fun and easy to learn at home! Learn to fold a paper whale with this cool worksheet.

Origami Star

Make your own 3D origami star by cutting out the strip of paper and folding it according to the instructions and pictures provided.

Colonial Paper Doll: Girl

Give your child a fun paper craft with this beautiful historical paper doll! She'll get a little history lesson about the colonial period as she colors.

Race to Color the Chocolate!

This fun and simple game engages your child's motor skills with a friendly race to color in the picture first! The worksheet doubles as a coloring page too.

Relaxed Seal Coloring Page

Color in this cute seal while he chillaxes on some rocks.

Create a Calendar: February

Kids learn about the shortest month of the year with this fill-in-the-date calendar. With pictures they can color in, it's sure to keep them entertained.

Seasonal Acrostic: Spring

On this sheet, make a poem called an acrostic, a popular writing activity for kids.

Celebrate! Police Officers' Memorial Day

Say thank you to your local police by coloring in this page about National Police Officers' Memorial Day.

Celebrate National Receptionists' Day

Color in this page to thank receptionists for their hard work in keeping offices running smoothly.

String a Spring Banner

Color the flowers and spring springtime pictures then string them up for a colorful decoration at Easter and for the season!

Cardboard Bugs

Reuse and recycle cardboard tubes to make spooky spiders, kooky caterpillars, wacky worms, and more.

Sponge Relay

This sponge relay game is the perfect way to cool off and to keep kids' minds sharp this summer.

Sneaky Sneaky

Are you sneaky, sneaky? You'll have to be when your play this fun game involving squirt guns and blindfolds that'll test your child's stealth.

Make Your Own Picture Frame

Make your own picture frame! Show your fourth grader how to construct the an adorable, decorative picture frame for her favorite photo.

Halloween Shadow Pumpkin Symmetry

Teach a lesson in the math and art with the concept of symmetry, while making a delightful cut-paper shadow pumpkin for Halloween!

Make Symmetrical Snowflakes!

This fun design activity, that combines art and math, will keep your fourth grader busy during those long winter months.

Make Bright, Beaded Mug Rings!

Invite your kid to decorate your family's ordinary coffee mugs with brightly colored beaded rings!

Make Rudolph-Themed Metaphors

Incorporate a lesson about metaphors into a writing and drawing project featuring one of the most classically recognizable of holiday icons: Rudolph!

Create an Autumn Tree of Resolutions

Help your kindergartener develop her fine motor and communication skills with this fun and festive fall activity.

Make a Travel Journal

Help your kids put together a travel journal for your family's next vacation to get them reading, writing, and thinking about what's happening on the trip.

Paint a Fall Leaf Tablecloth

Put those fall leaves to use with this fun art activity. Kids paint and print leaves, to make a beautiful tablecloth, perfect for your next fall celebration.

Make a Button Bracelet

In this first grade arts and crafts activity, you can make fun bracelets using just a handful of buttons and some elastic cord. And it's a counting game, too!

Make a Family Encyclopedia!

Help your fourth grader affirm her place in the family and in the march of recent history with this family album project.

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