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Green crafts

Check out these great and fun crafts. Not only are they fun, but they help the earth.
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Recycling Tree

Celebrate Earth Day with a decorative tree made out of strictly reused and recycled materials.

100th Day of School Recycle Craft

Celebrate the 100th Day of School by making an amazing sculpture using recycled materials.

DIY Photo Holder

Looking for a fun way to display photos? Give recycled objects a second life by turning them into a creative photo holder.

Toilet Paper Roll Maracas

Music instruments can be expensive. Sidestep steep prices with this art project that uses recycled materials to create a melodious music maker!

Soda Can Noisemakers

These easy-to-make soda can noise makers are a fun party craft that will bring a little noise and a little fun to your next gathering.

Make a Pirate Hook!

Does your child long to be the next Captain Hook? This great craft activity will provide an invaluable accessory for any costume box: a pirate hook!

Night Light Craft

Got an empty bottle sitting around collecting dust? Put it to good use by turning it into a homemade night light for your kids.

Egg Carton Daffodils

Celebrate the coming of Spring and Earth Day with this 3-D art project that makes use of recycled materials.

Create Your Own Paintbrushes!

Using only the elements in your backyard, make paintbrushes with your child and create truly homemade works of art.

Eco-Friendly Multimedia Collage

Kids can put old magazines and unwanted clothing to good use by creating an Earth Day-themed multimedia collage in this eco-friendly arts and crafts activity.

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