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Craft a Yarn Flower Mosaic

this mosaic-inspired activity uses kid-friendly yarn and glue to help your kindergarten kid design her own vibrant, brightly-colored flower.

Van Gogh Landscapes

Vincent van Gogh painted golden hued pictures of the harvest using bold lines and vibrant color. Your child can explore this style of art using oil pastels.

Make Your Own Pop Art

Learn about Andy Warhol and his famous portraits with your child by creating your own self-portrait in his trademark style.

Fortune Teller Box

Want to get your fortune told? Step right up and make your own fortune teller box out of a shoe box!

Summer Olympics Activity Book

This fantastic book features activities and worksheets sure to get you into the Olympic spirit!

Teaching Your Teen about Money

With more money to spend and more opportunities to spend it, your teen can get him/herself and even you into financial trouble, but with your help, your teen

Sixth Grade: Preteens and Money

Sixth grade is a great time for parents to teach children about managing money. Here are some tips on talking to your preteen about allowance, saving and

Win the Battle of the Backpack: How to Organize Your Child's Bag

School backpacks can be a parenting conundrum. Here's how to teach kids to tame the beast on their back.

Money Talks: Making Allowance Count

Of all the factors you have to weigh as a parent, allowance is one of the trickiest. Should you give allowance or just give your kids money when they need something?

How to Win the War on Clutter

Winning the war on clutter is not as challenging as you might think. Parenting tips on how to start your family on the road to an organized life.

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