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Food in French

Better have some snacks on hand! Your first grader will likely be hungry after studying and coloring this tasty French vocabulary worksheet. Bon appetit!

French Words: School

This French worksheet works on words for common school supplies.

La Cuisine

Get cooking and learn French vocabulary words for different things you might find in the kitchen.

Clothes in French

Add some French flair to your fashionable kid's vocabulary! Your first grader will learn how to spell and pronounce the French words for basic clothing items.

Learn French Vocabulary

Warm up for a French vacation with this basic vocabulary page that shows common sight words.

Picnic in French

Encourage your child to learn some French vocabulary words while he colors.

French Language: The Park

Mix coloring time with language-learning in this cute French vocabulary worksheet.

French Food Vocabulary

Snack attack? Dig into the world of foreign language learning with this French food vocabulary worksheet.

French Vocabulary: The Countryside

Warm up your French vocabulary with this worksheet that shows common countryside sights.

Family in French

Meet the family in this fun introduction to French vocabulary.

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