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Self-Portrait Project

Your child can create a portrait of himself or his loved ones in the style of Modigliani with the help of oil pastels!

Create an Impasto Minimalist Painting

This simple and introductory art project can help propel an interest in art or even bolster your kid's confidence in planning and mapping.

Replica Art

You may have a future Van Gogh, Picasso, or Warhol on your hands! Challenge your teen to reproduce her favorite painting with a brand new medium.

Poetry in Music

Here's a fun way to learn about rhyme in songs and poetry, and to get your middle schooler writing some poetry of his own!

Hang an Appalachian Holiday Wreath!

Help the environment this Christmas by using fabric remnants to make this beautiful braided wreath!

Create a Collagraph

Kids get creative as they experiment with fabrics and textures to create their very own collagraphs.

Renaissance Art Project: Create a Silverpoint Drawing

Help your high school revive some Renaissance history with art by making a silverpoint sketch. In this activity, make your own stylus and special paper.

Make a Seven Wonders of the World Brochure

Help your teen delve into the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; he'll come up with catchy slogans to advertise them in a pretend travel brochure.

Make Art Like the Ancient Greeks: Black-Figure Vase Painting

Ancient Greek vases were not only utilitarian, they were also works of art. Jump into ancient cultures by decorating your own vase in classic Greek style.

Put Together a Procedure!

With this activity, not only will you be experimenting with giving accurate information, you'll also teach your child how to write good scientific procedures.

Make a Hoplite Shield

Spark your child's interest in ancient history by making a round shield like the ones carried by hoplites, Ancient Greek citizen-soldiers.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Encourage your child's interest in other cultures by helping him create his own colorful prayer flag inscribed with a special message for the world.

Make Your Own Treasure Map

Turn your child's learning about ancient civilizations into a swashbuckling adventure by having her make an ancient treasure map!

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