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Capture Fall Leaves in Stained Glass

This activity provides a solution to all those leaves on your doorstep, while also giving your child a fun science lesson.

Weave a Paper Bag Placemat

Recycle your paper bags into placemats perfect for any outdoor picnic or meal!

Create a Pop-Up Winter Landscape

This winter season, have your preschooler try his hand at creating majestic, snow-filled scenery with a unique pop-up landscape project.

Symmetry Art Project

This imaginative art activity will help your child to better understand symmetry and explore color and shape.

Color Gradation

Try a fun painting activity this Valentine's Day with your child. He can design abstract art and learn about color theory in an easy way!

Pet Blanket

This pet blanket is a perfect sewing project for your little gifter with a furry friend. Make a pet blanket with your child this holiday season.

Design Your Own Anasazi Pottery

Inspire young anthropologists with this 5th grade art project: make patterned pottery in the Anasazi style! All you need are a paper plate and markers to start.

Make String Art

Sick of the same old arts and crafts projects? Try a new kind of art--string art!

Madhubani Painting

Learn about the beautiful Indian art of Madhubani painting with this fun and creative project.

Color Wheel Project

Recycle paper and old magazines with this art project that creates a great tool for artists: a color wheel!

3-D Art Project

In this arts and crafts activity, you and your child will create colorful three-dimensional artwork using scrunched-up fabric pieces.

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