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Coloring Sheets - Super Heros

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Heroes and Villains Super-Set: Marianas

Meet Marianas, overlord of the deep.

Heroes and Villains Super-Set: Jetpack Jones

Color in Jetpack Jones, the galaxy's foremost gunslinger.

Heroes and Villains Super-Set: Hans the Last Barbarian

High in the Himalayas lurks Hans, the last remaining member of his tribe, wiped out many centuries ago in a brutal attack by outsiders

Heroes and Villains Super-Set: Sonar

Pair Sonar with Radar and youâve got an unstoppable crime-fighting force!

Heroes and Villains Super-Set: Tesla

This electrical entity has harnessed the power of electricity...for evil.

Heroes and Villains Super-Set: The Nefarious Nimbus

The Nefarious Nimbus is â wait for it â raining terror down on society.

Heroes and Villains Super-Set: Ape Drape

Whoâs this maurading monkey, and whyâs he so mad? Color this simian superhero and write an origin story.

Superhero Coloring Page #3

The amazing bionic man is a crime-fighting machine! Whip out those super crayons and give this hero some super colors to complete his outfit.

Superhero Coloring Page #2

This masked mystery man is ready for some superhero crime-fighting! Have your little artist give his outfit some bright colors so he'll be ready for action.

Superhero Coloring Page #5

What if the Hulk and Ironman combined powers? Color this crazy superhero and his bionic outfit, and be sure to come up with a super-name for him.

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