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Nature related activities to get teens away from their video games, phones and facebook and out in nature!
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What Do Worms Eat? A Compost Project

What do worms eat? Kids find out what kinds of rotting leaves and vegetables worms prefer in this cool compost science fair project.

How to Start Recycling

Help your child make a recycling poster for your household and teach her how to take care of the environment!

Make a Sandcastle You Can Keep!

Help your child make a beautiful homemade sandcastle that will last!

Explore Earth Science and Make a "Worm Hotel"

Use simple materials to build a "worm hotel" with your kindergarten soil scientist...and see what worms really do all day.

Clay Landscape

This clay "painting" activity encourages and supports creative development and critical thinking skills.

Moss Terrarium

Learn about nature by making your own mini moss garden.

Backyard Bugs

Want to boost math and science learning? Take a bug expedition and give your first grader practice observing and charting what he sees.

Make a Desktop Desert Terrarium

Using a glass fishbowl, you and your kids can create a low-humidity, open-topped terrarium perfect for easy care, drought-tolerant succulents.

Make a Sundial

How do you tell time without a watch? Use the sun! This simple activity will show your child how to build his own sundial.

Hatch Your Own Praying Mantises

Hatch a praying mantis egg case in a homemade habitat with your child's help! This is an amazing experiment in science and nature for kids of any age.

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