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Nature related activities to get teens away from their video games, phones and facebook and out in nature!
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What Do Worms Eat? A Compost Project

What do worms eat? Kids find out what kinds of rotting leaves and vegetables worms prefer in this cool compost science fair project.

How to Start Recycling

Help your child make a recycling poster for your household and teach her how to take care of the environment!

Make a Sandcastle You Can Keep!

Help your child make a beautiful homemade sandcastle that will last!

Explore Earth Science and Make a "Worm Hotel"

Use simple materials to build a "worm hotel" with your kindergarten soil scientist...and see what worms really do all day.

Clay Landscape

This clay "painting" activity encourages and supports creative development and critical thinking skills.

Moss Terrarium

Learn about nature by making your own mini moss garden.

Backyard Bugs

Want to boost math and science learning? Take a bug expedition and give your first grader practice observing and charting what he sees.

Make a Desktop Desert Terrarium

Using a glass fishbowl, you and your kids can create a low-humidity, open-topped terrarium perfect for easy care, drought-tolerant succulents.

Make a Sundial

How do you tell time without a watch? Use the sun! This simple activity will show your child how to build his own sundial.

Hatch Your Own Praying Mantises

Hatch a praying mantis egg case in a homemade habitat with your child's help! This is an amazing experiment in science and nature for kids of any age.

Backyard Archeology

This activity is a great way to stretch the boundaries of your child's imagination and build up important critical thinking skills.

Make Sand Candles!

Planning a beach vacation? Here's a cool nature craft you can make in the sand with your child.

Outdoor Adventures

Nature is the greatest teacher, and you can help facilitate the lesson! Here's how to create a supply backpack to get your kid ready for science action!

Craft an Underwater Viewer!

Help your preschooler practice observing and experimenting with this exciting activity where she'll get to examine objects below the water's surface!

Create Beetle Mania

Beetles come in many shapes and colors. Here's how your second grade child can create his own beetles to paint and play with!

Make a Butterfly Habitat

Create a habitat for a butterfly right in your own backyard, and build your first grader's science knowledge while you're at it.

Sun Prints for Kids

Help your preschooler explore the effects of light and shadow, and make a pretty sun print at the same time!

Mini Waterfall

Have your child build his own mini waterfall, and help him develop his planning, problem solving, and architectural skills.

Glue Fossils

Some fossils have been been preserved for billions of years! Help your kid understand how fossils are created and preserved with this crafty project.

Balloon Greenhouse

Make your own greenhouse - out of a balloon! Your child will learn how greenhouses work as she plants radish seeds and watches them grow.

How Old is That Tree?

Try this simple activity with your child to guesstimate the age of a tree in your yard and nurture her developing math skills while you're at it!

Make Your Own Ant Farm

For your budding first grade scientist, all you need is some simple, natural materials to create an amazing ant farm. Here's how to get started.

Make an ABC Nature Book

Take a nature walk in your backyard or local park to find one object for every letter of the alphabet. Then put them together in this handy nature book.

Pucker Up! Make Beeswax Lip Balm

Show your teen how to make her own beeswax lip balm. It's one of the simplest do-it-yourself activities, and it's fun to make!

Make a Soda Bottle Greenhouse

In this hands-on activity, kids learn what it takes to foster seedlings into full-grown plants, all in a regular old soda bottle!

Plant a Fail-Safe Veggie Garden

Develop your child's green thumb with this easy planting activity. These plants are guaranteed to grow fast and are "brown-thumb" proofed!

Build a Terrarium

Create a mini plant habitat with your kid to help teach him what it takes to make an ecosystem work.

Give Birds a Feast with This Suet Feeder

Feed your birds from kitchen leftovers and give your first grader some excellent scientific practice in identifying our feathered friends.

Everyday Darwin: Create a Nature Journal

In this outdoor science activity you'll find tips on how to create a nature journal by choosing a native plant or animal and tracking that species.

Make a Water Garden

Show your child the wonders of water, life's most important element, with this fascinating water garden.

Be a Botanist: Make Herbarium Sheets

In this middle school activity, your child will learn how to press plants and create her very own herbarium, or plant library! Here's how:

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