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Rock Candy Science

The next time you've got a restless second grade earth scientist on your hands, use this experiment to demonstrate crystals and make a tasty treat, too!

Have a Magnet Marathon!

Hold a magnet marathon! Explore the power of magnets with your kindergartener in this entertaining and simple science game.

Make a Galaxy Mobile

Pair a planetarium visit with this fun art project that mimics the look of far-off galaxies.

Make Window Constellations

Help your first grader explore the magical world of constellations by creating these special star charts from the night sky.

Make a Homemade Hand Warmer!

On the next chilly, winter day, invite your fifth grader to make a hand warmer by experimenting with the loaded combination of a few natural ingredients.

Find Out What Makes Popcorn Pop

Water can go from solid to liquid to gas...but how does popcorn go from kernel to snack? Invite your first grade scientist to find out.

A Glow in the Dark Bonanza!

If your fourth grader is obsessed with all things glow-in-the-dark, then here's an activity that will really light up her imagination!

Germ Science: Why Handwashing Matters

Help children understand the power of germs and the importance of hand washing with this visual activity that introduces the concept of scientific inquiry.

Make Colorful Crystals from Coal

In this activity, your kid will watch coal turn into crystals right before her very eyes, and learn some science along the way!

Make Your Own Glass Cleaner

Making your own glass cleaner is easy, effective and inexpensive!

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