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Grade 2 Part 3

2nd semester (start to midterms)
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Get a Grip on Grammar: Homophones #15

Help your second grader get a handle on homophones. In particular, this printable explores a sneaky homophone set: they're and their.

Crossword Craze

Searching for a worksheet to help your second grader with her reading skills? This printable crossword will strengthen her vowel usage.

Complimentary Adjectives

Stay positive with an exercise on complimentary adjectives. Your child can build your kid's vocabulary as he fills in the blanks to make these sentences shine.

Food Spelling #1

Help your beginning reader practice spelling using sight words. She'll fill in the missing letters to complete spelling the word of the picture given.

Supporting Details: Who is Your Best Friend?

In writing, supporting the main idea with details is a skill your child should learn early on. Your second grader will fill in the details about a best friend!

Get a Grip on Grammar: Compound Words #7

Is your second grader having grammar troubles? Clear things up--at least when it comes to compound words--with this word puzzle!

"I" and "Me"

Take a trip to the fair while learning how to use "I" and "me" properly. Your student will get a great grammar lesson about these tricky pronouns.

Spring Spelling

April showers bring May flowers! What else does spring bring? Your child will practice her spelling with these spring-themed words.

Compound Words #4

Help your second grader with her vocabulary and compound words. She'll create some compound words, and break down some compound words!

Compound Words #3

Learn all about compound words with this worksheet. Your second grader will match two words together to form a compound word.

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