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Random fun bits & holiday stuff
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Using Commas in a List

Help your child build his grammar skills with a punctuation worksheet, where he'll practice using commas in a list.

Christmas Nouns and Adjectives #5

Stay in the spirit of Christmas while reviewing parts of speech! Each festive sentence is full of nouns and adjectives; can your kid identify which is which?

Halloween Creative Writing

Get creative with this Halloween writing exercise. Your child will write a brief paragraph on the topic provided. Think scary thoughts!

Around the World Cuisine Word Search: Italian

Introduce your little chef to some different types of Italian food with this challenging word search! She'll get some practice spelling as she goes.

Words with Prefixes

Learn all about root words and prefixes, then try your hand at defining them, in this quick and easy practice activity about words with prefixes.

What is Analogy?

Can you finish the analogy? Use this introductory worksheet to learn how to compare similar things using analogy.

Thanksgiving Nouns and Adjectives #6

Get into a Thanksgiving mood with a nouns and adjectives worksheet! Your child will read Thanksgiving trivia as he practices identifying parts of speech.

Christmas Grammar

Stay in the spirit of Christmas and review parts of speech! These sentences are full of nouns and adjectives; can your child tell which is which?

Math Word Scramble

Give your little math whiz a wordy challenge! This word scramble will help him hone his spelling skills while reviewing common math terms.

Valentine's Day Creative Writing #4

What does it mean to be struck by Cupid's arrow? Help your child build her writing skills with a Valentine's Day writing prompt.

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