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Study Skills 101: A Back to School Refresher Course

A few small adjustments to your child's study habits might just have him moving from slacker toward scholar in no time.

Should Students and Teachers Be Online "Friends"?

Is it appropriate for your child to âfriendâ a teacher on a social network?

Social Graces: What to Expect From Your High Schooler

Parenting is tough work. What should you expect from a teenager in terms of manners? Here's what's reasonable for a high schooler, and how to teach it.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens

The life of a teenager is full of tough issues and life-changing decisions. As a parent, you are responsible to help them learn to be successful.

The Art of Communication

How to communicate with your teen. Why communication with your high school aged child is important and parenting tips.

Teenage Social Pressures and Depression: What You Need to Know

Most teens experience some symptoms of depression on a regular basis. So what kind of behavior is cause for concern?

Getting the Best Help for Your High Schooler

Getting outside help for your high schooler has become mainstream. But, how do you get the best help?

Keeping Prom Night Safe

Even the most sensible kids take risks they shouldn't on prom night. Here's what you need to know to keep your teen safe.

When Your Teen is Bullied: How to Tell and What to Do

Is your child being bullied? Here's how to tell, and what to do about it.

Is Your Child Sexting? What Parents Need to Know

Parents may never have heard of it, but surveys show that 20 to 60 percent of teens are "sexting". What is sexting and how can parents deal with it?

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