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Town Buildings Coloring Pages

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Paint the Town: Gas Station

Have your child take a stroll down a modern Main Street with these cute coloring pages of everyday places. Here's one of the gas station.

Paint the Town: Fire Station

Have your child color in this picture of a fire station.

Paint the Town: City Hall

Here's a picture of city hall for your child to color. Maybe one day she'll work there!

Church Coloring Page

Here's a picture of a church to color, part of the "Paint the Town" series.

Paint the Town: Cafe

Take a stroll down Main Street with coloring pages like this one, which features an everyday place.

Paint the Town: Bus Stop

Looks like this town is trying to stay green by taking the bus!

Bakery Coloring Page

Here's a picture of the local bakery to color. Don't those treats in the window look divine?

Paint the Town: Bank

Here's a picture of the neighborhood bank to color.

Paint the Town: Barber Shop

Here's a picture of the local barber shop for your child to color. Has he had his first visit yet?

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