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Tracing Words

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Sports Round-up

Get to know the different sports with this triple-play sports worksheet! Trace the letters, learn sights words and complete a match-up activity.

Tracing Sight Words

Give your kindergartener a head-start on handwriting with a fun sight words worksheet!

Tracing Sight Words: Carrot

Does your kindergartener need some handwriting help? Give him a fun coloring activity, where he'll trace the picture and the sight word.

Tracing Sight Words: Worms

They say that the early bird gets the worm! Give your child an early start on handwriting with this sight words worksheet.

Tracing Sight Words: Bananas

Can you name a fruit that monkeys like to eat? Challenge your kindergartener with a fun tracing and handwriting exercise!

Tracing Sight Words: Coconut

What do elephants like to eat (besides peanuts)? Let your kindergartener answer this question by tracing the picture and the sight word!

Tracing Sight Words: Fish

Do you know what a kitty-cat eats? With this worksheet, your child will get to trace a sight word, answer a question and color in a picture.

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