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Beginning Algebra

Give your child some practice with beginning algebra. He'll practice forming an algebraic equation from word problems and sentences, and he can solve for X.

Pre-Algebra Practice

Introduce your fifth grader to algebra with a bit of Halloween fun. She'll use word problems stuffed with trick-or-treat candy to find the value of x.

Algebra Practice Problems

Does your child need a hand with algebra? She'll get plenty of practice solving for X with this worksheet.

Pre-Algebra Fun

Fit for only the bravest mathematicians, this worksheets features a spider or two and some tricky pre-algebra equations.

Algebra for Beginners

Want to know the perfect recipe for some spooky math practice? Witches and algebra, of course!

Multiplying Monomials #4

Monomials may sound confusing, but after completing these multiplication problems, your student will have a much better understanding of them!

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