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Tens and Ones

Boost your first grader's number sense with a lesson in place value up to the tens place.

Quincy's Place Value

For each two-digit number on this first grade math worksheet, kids determine the place value of each digit, then write each digit in the tens or ones column.

Library Addition: Adding Book Stacks

This fun first grade math worksheet uses stacks of library books to help kids practice single-digit vertical addition.

Practice Telling Time with Play Watches: 6 O'Clock

If your first grader is having trouble telling time, try incorporating it into his play time with these cool bug-themed play watches.

Math in Space

Rocket to the moon with this astronaut adorned addition worksheet! Your first grader will learn beginning addition facts as he solves 12 single-digit problems.

Fish Estimation

Kids visually estimate the number of fish swimming on this worksheet. After making their guess, they check it by counting each fish.

Bubblegum Addition

Boost your child's arithmetic skill and addition facts fluency with this bubbly worksheet that offers single-digit addition problems with sums of 9 or less.

Sky High Addition

Your first grader will soar high above the skies as he completes addition problems with sums of 9 or less in this math worksheet.

Reading Place Value: Ones, Tens and Hundreds

Looking for a worksheet to help your child with place values? This printable will flex his math skills.

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