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Spanish Verb Ser

Ser o no ser? To be or not to be? Learn when to use "ser", meaning "to be", one of the most important verbs to know in Spanish!

Spanish Vocabulary Grab Bag

What do a beach ball and rain and an eagle have in common? Nothing, except that they're on this Spanish vocabulary worksheet.

Spanish: What Is My Job?

Write in the Spanish word for the correct job for each clue and picture.

"Hay" in Spanish

Hay tantas palabras! There are so many words! Learn to use the verb "haber", most commonly conjugated as "hay", in Spanish.

Vosotros Form

For new Spanish speakers, the verb tense "vosotros" can be a bit confusing. Learn a bit about this unique conjugation that is used solely in Spain.

Body Parts in Spanish

Sort out the parts of the body in Spanish with this fill-in-the-blanks worksheet.

Colors in Spanish

This bright and fun worksheet will introduce the Spanish translations of all the basic colors!

Spanish Conjugation Forms

Help your beginning Spanish speaker master verb conjugation with these helpful flashcards.

Spanish Adjectives

Master a new language with the help of these Spanish adjectives flashcards! Challenge her even further by asking her to say each word in a sentence.

La Ropa

Build up your Spanish vocabulary with this handy worksheet about "la ropa."

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