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First Grade Math

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Roll the Dice

Shake those dice and try to roll big numbers in this first grade math game. Practice addition in a new, fun way!

Addition War

This fun, addition focused take on the classic card game War is a great way to help your child get a strong hold on addition.

Elevens Card Game

Looking for a cool game to help your first grader learn her 11s? Look no further than this clever one-person card game.

Making 14

Want to make math a little more exciting? This single-player game is designed to help your child practice combining cards to create sums of 14.

Seventeen: A Math-Builder Card Game

Try this card game to build math fact skills, like addition and subtraction, and have a great time, too!

Subtraction Game

Learn about borrowing in subtraction using a deck of cards and a die! Your first grader will have fun playing this math game.

Play Popsicle Math

Here's a hands-on activity that first grade use to help kids get a feel for equations. It uses popsicle sticks to practice addition and subtraction!

Fun With Math Facts

Here's a simple math activity that has your child using her basic addition facts to solve a secret code.

Play Subtraction Sacks

Invite your first grader to play this subtraction sacks game to get her actively involved in understanding and memorizing subtraction facts.

Play Egg Carton Addition

Using just an egg carton and some beans or pennies, you can play this game with your first grader and see real gains in core math skills.

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