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3rd Grade Science - Earth & Planets

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Protect Lakes

Our ecosystems need a protector; is your third grader up to the challenge? Identify harmful pollutants in a science worksheet that doubles as a coloring page.

Planet Pictures Crossword

If you know what each planet looks like, you'll have no trouble with this intergalactic crossword puzzle.

Earth Science Crossword: Landforms

From glaciers to mountains to wetlands, our planet has lots of different landforms. Help your child learn all about them with this fun earth science crossword.

Space Word Scramble

This outer space word scramble helps your child learn the names of the nine planets. It's a great astronomy start and boosts spelling!

The Constellation Orion

Look up into the night sky, and you may see three prominent stars side by side. This is Orion's belt, one of the most well known constellations!

Hills and Valleys

Mix a little art into your science with this reading-slash-drawing sheet on hills and valleys.

Botany Basics: Flower Power

Teach your child about plants with this worksheet, which helps your child practice botanical vocabulary.

Landform Unscramble

For kids learning geography or earth science, this is the perfect review sheet for drilling students on common geography terms and phrases.

Seven Summits

Get to know each of the Seven Summits, then organize their heights into a graph.

Seven Continents Crossword!

Not your typical crossword, this puzzle will have your child learning to recognize the shapes of the continents. Great for map skills and vocabulary!

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