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3rd Grade Science - Life (Animals & Humans)

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Amphibians and Reptiles

Learn about the amphibians and reptiles of Yellowstone National Park.


Take a quick lesson in the otters that inhabit Yellowstone National Park and take an even quicker quiz.

Petunia's and Peter's Plants

Test your child's science savvy with this worksheet, which asks your child to identify what items are made from plants.

Unusual Animals Valentines

These printable Valentine's Day cards are perfect for a kid who's in love with animals and science!

Animal Word Search: Endangered Species

Help your child learn a little about endangered species and why they're in danger with this printable word search.

Health Journal

It's never too early to start teaching your kid about eating right and staying active.

Rosy Boas Quiz

Is your child crazy about snakes? Introduce him to the rosy boa with this fun and informative quiz.

Teacup Pig Quiz

Did you know some people have little teacup pigs as pets? Learn all about these adorable animals with your child as she completes this fact-filled quiz.

Animal Word Search: On the Farm

Test your child's barnyard animal knowledge with a fun word search.

Guinea Pig Quiz

Guinea pigs are social animals that make great pets. Test your child's knowledge of these furry critters with this fun quiz.

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